What are the basis of proper nutrition to the human body

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What are the basis of proper nutrition to the human body

Required in proper nutrition for the human body and prevention of diseases, provide the following:
¯ that the food is varied and balanced in its components in the wealth of nutrients needed by the human body from the elements of the production of energy (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), vitamins and mineral salts.
¯ a healthy person's body needs about one gram of protein per kilogram of weight, and food provided by the protein
Different kinds of meat, milk, Alosak, eggs and vegetable seeds in the food
¯ eat more fiber-rich foods such as grain, seeds, cover with beans and leafy vegetables to benefit from the preventive effects against many diseases such as high blood fats and cholesterol.
¯ prefer eating bread prepared from whole wheat grains (with shells) (brown bread) on white bread, to the high content of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.
¯ Make a salad of vegetables and fruits of fruit in the food daily for a person to benefit from availability of vitamins and mineral elements and dietary fiber, and vegetables, especially running the paper and the choice of space in the stomach Vtqll feeling of hunger, reduce the quantity to be taken from other foods that provide a greater number of calories the body .
¯ prefer eating fish once or twice weekly in the food instead of meat and chicken to take advantage of preventive and therapeutic benefits of fatty acids, many non-saturation of the type of omega-3 oils in abundance, against a rise in triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.
¯ to avoid eating foods containing high levels of saturated fats like animal fats and animal fats and egg yolks and the flesh of an animal organ (Kalmk, tongue, liver, kidneys and Trotter) to avoid high concentration of cholesterol in the blood and then deposits in the walls of blood vessels in the body ¯ use of vegetable oils extracted from maize embryo or sunflowers or olives instead of animal fats and animal fats, margarine, butter in the preparation of food dishes because they contain essential fatty acids for the body and the existing rates high.
¯ but it is recommended not to eat more fatty food dishes to the large availability of calories may outweigh the needs of the body (Viovr per gram of 9 calories, this is more than twice as provided by the talents of a similar carbohydrate and protein at 4 calories).
¯ not to overindulge in sugar, sweets and sugary drinks because the sugar is converted into the human body into fat deposited on the wall of blood vessels. When, as failure to remove the sugar by dental brush glued to the occurrence of necrosis.
¯ Avoid drinking soda while eating because the gas they contain grows by heat in the stomach leads to exit from food through a hole doorman, even without complete digestion, forfeiting the opportunity to decompose by the stomach juices.
¯ Avoid drinking tea immediately after eating because the tannin compound is located in which impede the absorption of mineral elements in the intestine such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.

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