Muscle away the risk of cancer for men

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Muscle away the risk of cancer for men

Sweden study confirmed that the muscles may be strong enough to ward off the risk of cancer for men, activists and athletes who follow a healthy diet and a method at a rate not significantly up to 40 per cent.
According to CNN, the news that the study by an international team at Sweden's Karolinska Institute followed the pattern of living for 8677 men aged between the ages of 20 and 82 years of age for two decades.
The study published by the journal Cancer Epidemiology and that stronger muscles are no less necessary for the maintenance of ideal weight and healthy eating for the prevention of malignant tumors.
Doctors recently recommended to follow a healthy diet and an active lifestyle as making a traditional physical exercises such as jogging or cycling to reduce the risk of cancer.
Underwent each participant to regular medical examination included tests of the strength of their muscles as engaged experts to monitor the number of people infected and died as a result of him during the study period from 1980 to 2003, experts found that the participants attending physical exercise and weight lifting and enjoy forces large muscle decreased risk of illness malignant tumors, including 30 to 40 percent.
And demonstrated a simple weight lifting exercises worthwhile, even among those with big bellies and the accumulation of grease or the owners of large body mass index.
It is recommended that scientists who study weight lifting exercises to do twice a week at least, came in search of the possible to reduce the rate of cancer deaths among men by encouraging preventive measures include exercise and muscle building.

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