The concealer

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The concealer

The concealer is one of the basic products of formal beauty, and secondarily to hide cover shadow areas of the face. Slightly thicker than the foundation, prefer the tube or stick. Better choose a concealer half a shade lighter than your skin tone too dark, it could exacerbate the outliner and to bring out. Too clear, it does not hide it well enough.

Proper application
We put the concealer on your finger (the tip of the middle finger) or brush in the inner corner of the eye and it stretches all along of the ring up towards the lower lashes. Tap gently with the finger to blend the product to the skin.
Caution: If your rings are brown, choose a tone ivory or yellow rather than pink which would look gray. If they are rather blue-purple, choose a tone yellow-orange color because these colors blue cancel.
To complete your transaction and camouflaged look good, always apply your foundation after the concealer and powder last (avoiding wrinkles under her eyes she said).

Four recipes concealer
- Cucumber: Finely chop the flesh of a peeled and seeded cucumber, lie down on a gauze and put in refrigerator 5 to 10 minutes, time to cool everything. Apply over the eyes for ten minutes.
- The ice for a youthful look before exiting, wrap two cubes in two clean wipes and place them on eyes for a few minutes. Be careful not to put ice on the skin, it burns!
- Sleep: going to bed early five days a week, you increase your chances of having a fresh look and rested.
- Plants: witch hazel extracts, red grape, horse chestnut and arnica used have great decongestant and tonic, and they improve the microcirculation, including the eyes. You will find in herbal teas or capsules in a pharmacy.

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