Decreased energy: and if it was the thyroid?

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Decreased energy: and if it was the thyroid?

Thyroid problems are seven times more frequent among women, and they occur most frequently at ages in their lives. A coincidence? Probably not.

* 1. What do we see it malfunctioning?
* 2. Goitre and its treatment

No, it is no coincidence because the "protein taxi" which transports thyroid hormone in blood is also one that conveys the estrogen. It is therefore not surprising that fluctuations in female hormones ring on the activity of the thyroid.
At puberty, estrogen levels gradually increased, resulting in an increased need for thyroid hormones. If the girl lack of iodine, a small goiter may be formed. But treatment is rarely necessary.
During pregnancy, increased estrogen may lead to goitre if the woman lacks iodine. Hence the idea of additional input for those living in areas of relative deficiency. After delivery, 5% of women still have a thyroid "whack". They suffer more often from hypothyroidism, which is sometimes confused with the baby blues. It usually resolves spontaneously. Otherwise, treatment may be necessary.

The thyroid is mixed a little of everything in our body. And it starts early. From the fourth month of intrauterine life, thyroid hormones are involved in brain development, growth and skeletal ossification. Their role is then essential to "rotate" the body in good rhythm. They are, in fact, hormones reactions energy and activity. The number of calories burned at rest, it's them. The amount of fat circulating in the blood sugar levels, making proteins are also under their influence! In many circumstances, however, can destabilize this beautiful machine and caus

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