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Believed to be the original home of the ginger is South-East Asia in areas that are falling by the heavy rains and spread of cultivation in China, India, Jamaica and many African countries, and the type Jamaican was that the user has traditionally the work of pharmaceutical products, and is known Ginger for doctors of Greece as a medicine in benefit and diaphoretic and tonic for the heart
and the stomach sends warmth in the body in the winter and freezing cold.

User segment

Plant a length of about a meter has the smell of aromatic special taste pungent cayenne papers Rmahih green and flowers Yellow harvested when they start to wilt and take off the legs of terrestrial and placed in piles and separating the roots and dried and boiled with water to soften Vtakecr and scraped and boiled in sugar syrup several times and then kept for the use of a breed purlin in the legs and roots ground.

The mention of ginger in the Koran in Sura rights, as mentioned earlier, was known early Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula, it is sung by the Arab poets in their poems. It may be a ginger wine of Paradise is permissible to be its mood and legal to have a name of the eye which is taken of wine Nectar and his name also.

The ginger was mentioned in the Sunnah Abu Naim stated in the writings, prophetic medicine from the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al-vegetation may Allah be pleased with him said ((king of the Romans gave to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and ginger jar Votam everyone a piece and fed me a piece)).


Roots contain gums and greasy starch and volatile oil to give it aromatic smell the advantage of a component of Alcamvin Inalol and resin and non-oily Ganjerin pilot is responsible for the bitter taste of this plant.

Medical use:

Anti-vomiting and dizziness showed one recent study in the United States the benefit of dealing ginger powder against a vomiting and nausea associated with pregnancy ANTI EMITIC superiority of the product pharmaceutical Drammamine DIMENHYDRAMIN in the prevention of vertigo SICKNESS MOTION resulting from the riding of ships or aircraft or other so useful for people sensitive to air travel sea and some of it before traveling to prevent the occurrence of symptoms of vertigo.

Repelling gas where confirmed the therapeutic use of ginger to expel gas abdominal CARMINATIVE for the content of essential oil after the common ancient manual for this purpose The famous Muslim physicians such as Avicenna, wrote the prophetic medicine to the son of the values of Jawzi and being sold in pharmacies in tablet and doses of medical thought-repellent gas stomach and intestines .

Refreshing aromatic serves as add a little crushed for dishes, like other spices to increase appetite, as used by the ancient doctors of the preparation of many of the mixtures with honey and others to believe its usefulness in strengthening the sexual ability in both sexes, is ginger essential element in the most common types of curry and nuts refreshing.

Used in modern medicine to expand the blood vessels, and increased sweating and a sense of warmth, so its use in favor of the bitter cold days, especially for those who complain about how bad the blood circulation to Parties (icing).

Ease the pain of arthritis, and ginger ease the pain of arthritis and bone by eating 5-10 grams of crushed dry day for 3 months when he felt all the intake of this dose improvement in joint movement and the disappearance of pain, including lack of swelling and I think researchers Danes that ginger may act to discourage action of hormones that increase the severity of disease and inflammation in the human body and a Sichaelooksjnez Ibooksjnez which are prostaglandin hormones which make Ikuchitrnez and severity of disease and inflammation.

Eating syrup ginger warm from the first signs of cold and flu help to alleviate the congestion, nose and throat and to this end bring drink ginger hot water boiling with a teaspoon of husked fresh ginger with the juice of half a lemon with a teaspoon of honey original works gargling this mix before drink morning and evening.

Ginger for the treatment of ovarian cancer:

U.S. scientists that ginger may help in the face of ovarian cancer and the researchers at the University of Michigan at the headquarters of the American Association of Cancer Research that tests show that ginger kills cancer cells.

The study also found that ginger used as a spice and drink also has the ability to stop the transformation of the cells resistant to treatment.

Such findings represent a new hope for cancer patients and researchers used ginger powder, similar to what is sold in shops and they dissolved solution and applied to ovarian cancer cells and found that the experience led to the death of all cells in all tests performed, but which gave more hope is how these cells died by the tests demonstrated two types of cell death, the first cancer-cell suicide and the second is similar to autophagy has said the world Henry Skofot of the British Association for Cancer Research, said such tests and the results could represent the basis for a new drug.

Do not take ginger in the following cases:

Pregnancy and lactation as the spice of this property aborted pregnancy.

Suffering from a chronic illness in the digestive tract such as stomach ulcers or twelve or Echo visual or irritation of the colon.

If you are suffering from Behçet's disease or chronic mouth ulcers.

Do not address the ginger with aspirin or anti clotting drugs for blood as the spice of this recipe dilute the blood and prevent clots.

With blood pressure medication he may affect blood pressure, as it lowers blood pressure initially and then bump up).

During the menstrual cycle, where it could cause bleeding and increase the amount of menstruation.

What the effects of unexpected good or bad in the body when you use ginger very small quantities to improve the flavor of food.

Observations on the use of important health Ginger:

Has appeared recently in the analysis of ginger contains material resin painting called non-volatile static Gengerol this article is that gives ginger taste bitter favored by makers curry blends, where is the core element in more types of these blends.

This article in spite of being the characteristics of antiseptic and tonic only to find that many use, especially in Asian countries (India and Pakistan) may give rise to or accelerate the appearance of some malignant tumors, especially in the pharynx and esophagus, so I prefer not to use ginger for a long time and the treatment of incurable diseases such as pressure and cholesterol and preferably not exceed a daily dose of 4 g of ginger powder.

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