Rice, Oryza Sativa

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Rice, Oryza Sativa
Parts used in rice


Home and the history of rice

Native plants around Asia, mostly China, India and Indonesia. From there spread to Africa and Syria and then to America. Syria and across the Mediterranean basin, Rice moved to Europe was through the Arabs in the Middle Ages. Currently, rice is grown in the plain in Italy and a little in Spain, a little rice is grown in England, there are 150 varieties of rice. In India, grown between 50-60 species of rice.

Usually needs to rice cultivation stagnant water and swamps, and a few types of rice that need to be normal and dry land is not flooded with water.

Installation of rice

• 12.5% water
• 3% protein
• 78% starch
• Vegetable fats, 3%
• metal salts, potassium, sodium, calcium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, like, vitamins A, B, E.

Uses and benefits of rice, medical

1. Using rice as a source of major food and nutrition.
2. Nutritious, light and easy to digest.
3. Used as a treatment for diarrhea, which contains the plant acids, potassium and less than potatoes.
4. Rice water, which is preparing to boil over a little rice with water, which helps soften the skin layers, and moisture, and absorb the smell of sweat.
5. Water rice mixed with a little lemon and sugar, irrigated for patients Mahroryn. In order to break the heat and cool the body, and is described in inflammatory diseases.
6. Used in kidney disease and limit the urine, and when there is disease and the lack of activity in the kidneys and high albumin in the urine and (high blood urea).
7. Enema water rice deal sores in the rectum and inflammation.
8. Water rice treated skin burns, and infections called Erysipeals.
9. Prescribed for people with pressing PFBS pressure.
10. Rice water is described to deal with diarrhea, especially when newborns and infants, who are frequently infected by Balishalac fed on milk, which may be in excess of Desma necessary for some women

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