Pink anti-oxidants

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Pink anti-oxidants

Register cloves high scores in terms of food items considered as a natural anti-oxidants help fight the effects of aging.

The researchers found at the University of Miguel Hernandez, the Spanish cloves contains high levels of phenol compounds and other key features in the fight against Toteraltkdm in a lifetime.

The researchers said the Spaniards that make these features pink a good candidate for use in food, particularly meat products, and have maintained it as a natural outlet.

Pink and record labels when you test the top 5 properties related to good anti-oxidants.
It turns out that other products in the Middle Eastern food made good points, including oils extracted from thyme, wild thyme and rosemary.

The Juana Fernandez Lopez to participate in the preparation of the study, said: "This material shows a high anti-oxidants, and can be useful for health."

And focused study, published in the magazine "Vlivor Fragnanc End" on the ability of spices in the diet to prevent Middle Eastern natural food without corruption.

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