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Cosmetic Dentistry is a front shell or a piece of thin colored teeth, often placed on the exterior of the upper front teeth.
Make-and-paste this crust to change the color or size of the teeth in order to improve the form of teeth and the appearance of a smile. Can be made of porcelain veneer cosmetic filler or white. Crust made of porcelain is the best because it resists stains better and can better reflect the serenity Kalosinan natural. Discuss your dentist on the type of cosmetic veneer that suits you best

What are the problems dealt with cosmetic veneer? • change the color of your teeth: be for many reasons to change the color of the teeth, treatment is not an arbitrator or nerve trauma or poisoning, fluoride or some antibiotics Tirasekln Tetracyclin.
• dental eroded: for any of the unhealthy habits Kaad pen or Alodhafr or teeth grinding together, or because of decay.
• cracked or broken teeth: a result of trauma, decay or for other reasons.
• The presence of spaces between the teeth: the crust can be closed this distance.
• teeth are not arranged in a single row.

What are the advantages of plastic crust?
1. Gives the crust cosmetic colors bright homogeneous with the rest of the teeth.
2. Cope well with the gums porcelain material.
3. Cortex is an effective way to beautify the teeth and do not destroy the enamel or dental treatment, compared with crowns and bridges.

What are the disadvantages of cosmetic veneer?
1. Preparatory process of the crust is irreversible, namely, that the doctor can not return your teeth start racing as they were before digging.
2. Crust is more expensive than the white filling can be used to change or improve the format of the teeth.
3. Because the preparation age of the crust requires the removal of part of the enamel layer may become more sensitive to age or cooler temperatures.
4. May not match the skin color cosmetic teeth completely. It should be noted here that the color of the crust does not change after you put it, so if you want to bleaching your teeth, you do so prior to the crust.
5. Plastic crust can fall from its place. Despite the scarcity of this happening but it would prefer not to bite your nails or biting pencils or anything very hard. If I had to bite hard objects try to use natural teeth.
6. Decay can be resolved on the age of the crust cosmetic carrier.
7. The crust is not an ideal treatment for people with gum disease or other diseases of the mouth and teeth.
8. Cortex are not suitable for people who grind their teeth because the teeth grinding may lead to cracking of the crust or fall from its place.

How much can live cosmetic veneer?
Generally it can be to live in the crust between 5 - 7 years after that you must switch the crust.

Do you require special attention to the crust?
No. Follow the instructions for oral hygiene and teeth. Ktfrc teeth twice a day at least and the use of thread teeth and visit the dentist every six months.

Although the plastic shell made of porcelain resist stains may be required to reduce your dentist or to refrain from smoking or eating tasteful or beverages that cause staining or discoloration of the teeth.

Is there an alternative to the plastic shell?
Yes, you can put the front-end cosmetic dental filling or a crown of white. Stuffing is used in the event that the white spotting or slight decay or small. The crown is used in the event that the age Mtsusa significantly. Use the crust, as a compromise of the teeth or spotted Almtsusp is averaged over the front surface only

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