heavy legs

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heavy legs

Too often overlooked, disease of "heavy legs" affect more than fifteen million people in France. While the vast majority of sufferers are women, men too can complain.

The role of veins

The veins ensure the return of blood to the heart organ. In contrast to the arterial circulation, where oxygenated blood is propelled by the heart pump to the organs, venous return is a passive phenomenon. In the legs three main mechanisms involved in facilitating the return of the blood: the contraction of the calf muscles, and the action of the soles and arch during walking and the presence of small valves, called valves, in the veins that prevent blood back down. Sometimes these three systems are inadequate and some of the blood stagnates in the legs causing heavy leg syndrome. Medically this is part of a broader disease called venous insufficiency may also manifest as varicose veins.

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