Feeding the patients Feeding patients

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Feeding the patients Feeding patients

تغذية المرضى Feeding patients

Nutrition is a key factor in the patient's recovery after the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Through the food the body can resist disease and the patient is equal to heal and regain his health in a short time, and so must be the implementation of the doctor's instructions for food with the same importance that carried out his instructions for the drug.

And take into account when feeding the patient the following:

Wash hands and mouth before and after each meal.
A towel to save his clothes and bed from contamination during food handling.
Careful when you eat.
Not awaken the patient at night to feed him only if the doctor's orders otherwise spent sleeping because it was reported nutrition.
Non-food preparation room or to save the patient.
Diversity of food colors within the species ordered by the doctor so the patient does not lose his appetite.
Make sure the patient is taking the necessary quantity of food.

If the patient can not sit down to eat on his own is given a food in a glass or cup, either directly or with a spoon.

Types of food patients

Liquid diet
Half of the liquid food
Light food

First: liquid diet
Consists of liquid foods full of liquid or semi-liquid refinery and easy digestion and absorption with minimal effort which provide the body with needed nutrients from a variety of fresh fruits such as juice, milk and its products Kalmhellbip light.

Second: half of the liquid food

This type of food is a compromise between food and liquid food that is both light and easier digestion of food, light and free of fibers and spices such as vegetables, fruits, boiled, chopped Caldwagn white meat, fish, milk and its products and Kalzbadi Almhellbip and white cheese, Jeli .... etc..

Third: Food Light

Available in this kind of food all the nutrients necessary for the body of food and energy construction, prevention, and mineral salts provided that it is easy to digest because it gives the patient is recovering, which followed the patient returned to normal diet such as milk and its products, refinery soup meat boiled or grilled vegetables boiled fruit boiled ... etc.

Catering for patients

Catering to the patient should be an appealing way to accept it, and give you nursed from the patient report to the doctor about the patient's appetite and the impact of food in it, and to assist the patient to eat if necessary. Must be provided hot foods hot and cold cold not warm up to no lack of appetite of the patient.

Clearance Tools patient
Cleansing is to use the tools antiseptic and disinfectants are chemicals used to kill microbes and germs, and that most were not nearly all toxic, and should use them cautiously. Disinfectants are divided into degrees according to the strength mismatch effect strong, and medium and low impact, and antiseptic solutions used to clean tools and machinery, clothing, hands, and each according to his needs. And this must be the patient's own tools and be kept in his room disinfectant after each use.

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