Newer peritoneal dialysis method for the treatment of kidney failure

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Newer peritoneal dialysis method for the treatment of kidney failure

الدموي .

Studies have shown that the method of modern health peritoneal dialysis for kidney disease proved a great success in facilitating the practice of a patient to live a normal life without the need for attendance at dialysis centers. It is easy to treat the patient himself at home in this way, where they are trained by the first, empty the peritoneal dialysis solution in the abdominal cavity through the catheter is installed, and, after exercise the patient's life and daily activity as usual, and after two hours to 3 hours the solution is dumped of the abdominal cavity, "membrane Albraitamoni" loaded with the toxins. Dr. Hisham El-Sayed - a professor of surgery, the kidneys of Medicine, Ain Shams - This is the latest methods of treating kidney failure, considered as a substitute for washing the blood of kidney in some cases, where the content is placed peritoneal dialysis bag in the abdominal cavity, and is touching the peritoneum tissue and blood vessels, and the toxins are withdrawn blood to the peritoneal dialysis solution, after this solution is drained from the abdomen, to be a solution of a new component of salts and glucose and Beh, with a special formula to give it the ability to absorb toxins from the blood, This process is repeated 4 times a day, and the patient by himself inside his house, but The problem is that the solution will cost between 3 and 4 thousand pounds a month. require this method to a certain quality of patients, it is essential that the patient's culture of high personal hygiene plays an important role in non-entry of any microbe into the abdominal cavity through the catheter, which may cause inflammation Britonia . The material in the solution need to be maintained so as not to enter microbe, the usefulness of this method is that the patient is exercising a normal life as he takes his own treatment at home and success rate are similar to the method of dialysis. and continues this way for life, the catheter will remain installed in the abdomen only if there is because of inflammation. As for the blood money for kidney failure patients, such a development occurred in devices where the computer is working, and is over 300 centimeters from the patient's blood every minute, the candidate of purifying the blood, and if the patient's body found in 5 liters of blood, the blood is passed through the full 20 minutes candidate, and repeat this for 4 hours to remove the toxins in blood. Are dialysis through a link on arterial infusion of the patient's arm, or catheter, especially in newly detected cases, and here are advised to isolate patients infected with the virus hepatitis "B" mainly because it is highly contagious, as well as disease virus, "C", a slow transition. In the case of kidney transplants, it is advisable that the patient is young, less than 50 years - and to be members of his body healthy especially the liver, lungs, heart, and should not have been a blood transfusion during dialysis so that there are antibodies in the body. methods and modern alternative to blood transfusion, the patient takes the drug Areerooboaten which works to stimulate the patient's bone marrow to produce red blood cells, and a patient needs to take as twice a week, since among the signs of failure renal anemia and the patient replace either the transfer of blood or take up the aforementioned property. It is characterized by the property that avoids the patient's allergies which may have a blood transfusion from him as protection from exposure to viruses. Among the most famous causes of kidney failure, hypertension and high blood sugar in the blood, these patients represent 40% of cases of kidney failure - patients with pressure 22%, sugar 15 - 20% of total failures. Fortunately, these diseases are easily treated and the prevention of kidney failure, and by following the proper treatment and also causes inflammation Alkyibip is inflammation that affects tissue kidney, kidney stones and urinary tract obstruction, schistosomiasis, and Altkissat defects., kidney failure, a silent disease, where a patient complains of any symptoms, even surprised by the high percentage urea in the blood, The disease remains latent for several years to complete kidney failure occurs, and here a patient complains of vomiting continues, and the weakness in appetite, anemia, general weakness in the health status, inability to make an effort, the presence of body itching, difficulty breathing and the urine in patients with renal failure tilted to the color white to yellow not, because the kidney does not work on the purification of toxins from the blood. and the prevention of renal failure should be treated diabetics treated carefully and maintain the body attributed to moderate numbers within a regular basis. Should be the treatment of high blood pressure drugs, medical and commitment to good practice, and avoid taking drugs without consulting a doctor, because there are a lot of drugs have toxic kidney damage, arthritis drugs such as painkillers and especially in the case used for a long time. We also need to treat patients who suffer from recurrent infections, such as pus and kidney stones, etc., together with the importance of disclosure and conduct periodic tests of urine and kidney function and detect ultrasound on the kidneys. Preventive treatment gives the results of medical control of kidney failure, in the event of a chronic renal failure can be used as preventive treatment through the diet with the patient's address some of the essential drugs. In the case of kidney failure developed are used to dialysis or peritoneal dialysis have kidneys had stopped their work in purifying the toxins from the blood

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