Why we are exposed to the nominated?

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Why we are exposed to the nominated?

1 - Exposure to the capacity of response:

Ambient temperature range between the rise and fall move up and down we do not know what we worn to avoid currents of cold air and thus be impaired protection. If the body retains weaknesses both in terms of the throat or ears we must maintain a kind of scarf and a hat in your hand luggage.
Chinese medicine relies on the idea of energy that protect the upper part of the body in particular, which attribute to the reason for a person to be cold when deficient.

2 - Do you feel the cold:

In order to activate the first point of the dorsal line, which is unprecedented in giving warmth along the back, can jump as a young child or may be Thompsd toe or foot soak with warm water.
As well as rubbing the back where the spine, bladder and small intestine of any member that resist the cold.

The body must be tired to stop and rest:

If you do not know how to fix our bodies would force the body to do so must be recognized that the cold must be considered is the period of rest for body and restore his energies so as not to fall into the risk of possible complications for bronchitis or exposure to heavy physical fatigue.

Immune defenses lost its effectiveness:

Not exposed to infection fast but if we have immune deficiencies where in this case with little exposure to the cold stings able to make a person prone to runny nose and colds.
Similarly, if a person's very tired and worried Viewer can reduce a person's ability and immunity to microbial resistance, and here it was important to take precautions and preventive measures to avoid leaching.

How can we protect ourselves from the cold:
Order to maintain the immune system and a sound defensive, we must respect and follow the rules of basic health in life.

1 - Strengthening the capacity of the body to external factors:
And physical activity by exercising regularly, and take the slice of sleep health, as well as eating balanced meals consistently, no portions of fruit at least a day and vegetables (green) on each meal and provide vitamins inherent in the body (if necessary can be addressed Kemtemmat food).
Albroobayutik address:
Albroobayutik Allbeckteriaat is useful to compensate the fluorine fermentation (Flore Intestinal), as it contributes to the work of the tract, which constitutes an important part of the immune system, where fermentation fluorine is weak and sensitive when exposed to a situation of tension and anxiety, Vbatn always linked to the defense where the nerve ambiguous (Pneumogastrique) that warns the lungs and digestive system (acidity, colitis, intestinal disorders, antibiotics or drugs) are all factors that contribute to the disturbance and disruption of the organic system.
It is currently installed during the studies were selected beneficial bacteria, depending on the desired effect: allergy, inflammation of the colon, problems (permission, nose, throat), inflammation of the bladder.
(All Almkhattiyat, in particular those relating to the nose, linked to the health of the bowel) As for the classification of cold or flu, it has been the adoption of 3 types of products (Bion3, Lactibiane, Lactophar) as these products provide 12 vitamin and 8 Oolegoalenet.

2 - the speed of dealing with the disease at the initial onset of symptoms to him:

What will have to wait an extra day to cope with the disease until the virus becomes more resistant and body the most debilitating.
When you're Balaward primary and when feeling Btakrc throat must start taking action to confront and resist the virus (Union gives strength), therefore, must not hesitate to combine a conventional treatment plant-based medical and herbal vitamins and preparation of recipes based on Altbjerip (chamomile or eucalyptus) for each of us and what its own that can be relied upon.

3 - Hygiene of the nose:

Mine nose is a real-bacterial, so you should clean it morning and evening using physiological serum in the form of spray, but for the mucosa vulnerable and sensitive time, just by one day of this serum.
We must also use disinfectants kind of cleaning house.
Inside the house, which is often dry should drink plenty of fluids, water and the atmosphere must be wetting and to avoid over-heating.
If the nose can be blocked adoption vaporize the use of several drops of any essential oil essential but must stay at home after Altboukerp for two hours, where exposure to the cold stream after Altboukerp damage can occur and double pockets for treatment.

Some of the natural elements of effective installed:

Propolis: It is the sticky substance that bees collect and installed to provide protection for them and owns the characteristics of these anti-bacterial and anti-HIV active immunity.
Ginseng: Balvinaminac rich in minerals and the properties of these roots (urged to pay) to resist the virus, fatigue and stress.
Echinacee: plant anti-virus with distinction and can be used as a treatment for 3 months in the event of exposure to severe psychological stress or physical fatigue syrups.
(Cinnamon) La Cannelle: anti-infection in addition to attending Knkia cloves when tingling sensations in the throat.

What is food to be addressed in the case of the common cold:

To address the incidence of self-defense by the body to optimize the digestion process when the light that is received from the food does not require effort or annoyance to digest if you must deal with snack foods, low fat, no soup, vegetables and paprika in order to strengthen the lungs. And fruit because they contain the vitamins needed.
Must stay away from bread and replacing it with rice in order to obtain energy.
Drink plenty of fluids (water in particular) and Zhorat to get rid of toxins.
Stay away from sugars and dairy products (milk products).

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