Eczema .. The name of a different skin diseases

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Eczema .. The name of a different skin diseases

Spoke to genetic causes, a result of excessive increase in the interaction of the immune system

Skin doctors are using the name «eczema» «Eczema» to describe several cases of skin infections characterized by inflammation, redness and itching desire to provoke, in addition to drying and peeling the outer layer of the skin in particular, because the place of inflammation in cases of eczema is the top layer of the outer skin.

* Childhood eczema

* The most common type of eczema is the type of family genetic «inherited», which begins to emerge in humans in childhood, and there are several names for this genetic condition of eczema, including «childhood eczema» (infantile eczema), or «atopic eczema» any «eczema hypodermal
High »(atopic eczema), or« skin inflammation of upper layer »(atopic dermatitis). In this type of eczema gets sore in the outer layer of the skin, as is apparently the Ktvh of erythema, and in various parts of the body, such as the skin of the face, scalp and skin of the neck and the soles of the facility and the skin behind the knee, and on the skin of the hips and buttocks. In addition to these specific areas for the spread of this type of eczema, the sufferers have a genetic predisposition also vulnerable to situations other pathologic types of allergies, such as asthma and hay fever spring «hay fever» and others.

And as confirmed by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the incidence of this type of eczema are increasingly common in American society and the rest of the world's societies. A review of various studies, the medical field prevalence among the general population ranging from 10 to 30 per cent, especially among infants and young children and adolescents. Therefore, we find, in most regions of the world, a child out of every ten children at least had childhood eczema. Often start appearing in the situation of the child before the age of two years, or 5 years at the latest. Some of them go away with them the situation in childhood or after puberty, the situation may continue to appear and disappear for others throughout the lifespan. According to some medical studies that 50% of children who have childhood eczema go away with them the situation after puberty.

Because cases of eczema are common, especially among young children, then parents know the signs and note that they appear on the skin of the Child and its interaction with the affected areas of the skin twitch or otherwise. Regardless of where they appear in human skin, the irritation of eczema always characterized by a desire to scratch that area of the skin, eczema and so all must be the itch. But note that not all itchy skin is caused by eczema, because there are reasons for itchy skin eczema. This is the sign distinctive.

There is something else, namely, that itching may precede the onset of eczema, skin rash or redness of any signs of other skin. It is noted on the skin that have eczema the skin is often dry or the skin thin crust, or cover layer of skin is thick, compared with other areas of the skin manifestations of eczema-free.

In cases of eczema in infants and young children may accompany the skin rash redness in the face and scalp skin was nominated for a transparent skin-to-liquids, or the emergence of thin or thick crusts on the outer skin layer.

* Causes of eczema

* It is not known why only some children or adult eczema, but it may be linked to an excessive increase in the interaction of the body's immune system with the factors of an exciting and unknown. It also notes that the incidence of eczema abound in families where there are those who are infected with the quality of other cases related to the interaction of body's immune system, such as allergies or asthma. It is worth mentioning that eczema is not a contagious disease, and is not transmitted from an infected person to healthy person under any circumstances.

It may be noted that some irritation of the emergence of eczema and skin rash that accompanies it, has to do with the interaction of the body with certain materials or under certain circumstances. For example, the skin contact with other fabrics for the rough, in clothing or other, leading to itching, irritation of the skin. And also a feeling some serious heat or cold, or use of certain types of shampoo or soap or household cleaners or perfumes, all lead to the re-emergence of eczema on the skin. There are people suffering from eczema by touching the fur of animals, living or dead.

According to medical sources, the stimuli may play a role in the emergence of eczema for some people, such as stress and pressures of daily work or social status, such as infection Buakat emergency, caught a cold.

* Cosmetics and medicines

* Although there is no cure «healing» of eczema, there are medicines which alleviate the suffering, and this is the main objective of dealing with cases of eczema. It is also helpful to know the person on the factors that raise the appearance of eczema in order to prevent the return of exciting appearance.

Because the injured area of the skin eczema leads to skin dryness and itching of the raise, the utility of the use of moisturizing lotions, emulsions or Kalkremat «lotions» (lotion), especially at certain times, such as after a shower or wash your hands with soap and water to Itrdob skin. Some may benefit from the development of cold compresses on areas of eczema in the desire to alleviate the itching.

There are different types of topical pharmaceuticals, which are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, can be painted on the affected skin to relieve eczema interactions body's immune system in those areas of the skin. Light species such as the focus of ointments or creams, cortisone derivatives.

Severe cases may require deployed in several areas of the body prescribed by the doctor for stronger types of cosmetic products cortisone, may be prescribed types of antibiotics if they have eczema, do you rub the skin hard to get a bacterial infection of the skin.

In general, the ease of a group of medicines «antihistamines» by the desire to scratch the skin, such as Claritin or Zajrik or other. If these drugs did not succeed in calming eczema, doctors resort to treatment options available, with the effect of a stronger and more useful.

* Elements of the prevention of raised skin eczema

* The medical sources to the list of things that reduce the risk of provoking the emergence of eczema the skin, including:

* Be sure to always moisturize your skin, especially if you are in dry areas or in the winter.

* Avoid exposing your body is to suddenly change the temperature or humidity in the places where they are located.

* Avoid being in the circumstances giving rise to increased secretion of the body to sweat on the skin.

* Try to reduce the exposure of any conditions of tension and stress.

* Avoid the use of coarse clothes, or by contact with rough fabrics such as wool.

* Avoid the use of types of soap or dry clean skin cosmetics.

* Try to prevent your hands touch the materials directly to the types of household cleaners industry.

* Try to avoid exposing your body to the types of allergens, dusty or vaccine flowers or fungi home or fur of pets or perfume or others.

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