Health Tips morning

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Health Tips morning

We strive to act in a way more health, and because all our actions affect our health in this article we will review some tips morning, which gives health and activity for the whole day

Six in the morning (or when getting out of bed):

1 - orange juice fortified with calcium:
If you start your morning orange juice, do not forget to add a calcium, in addition to the benefits of calcium known as reduce the symptoms of premenstrual blood pressure, osteoporosis, some emphasize that helps reduce weight.

Most of the calcium-fortified juices contain equivalent amounts of calcium found in milk.

2 - Take your vitamins:
Taking vitamins will provide you with many benefits Ohmha reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

3 - 7 grams of eating breakfast cereal:
Mean that eating 7 grams of fiber in breakfast cereal meal, because fiber intake is known by reducing the chance of cancer is also known to reduce weight because it reduces the absorption of 120 calories a day.

4 - Blueberries eat:
The Blueberries known as containing a high amount of Antioxidant (antioxidant) Therefore, the researchers believe that it slows the aging process. Also found in animal studies that it reduces the loss of memory.

5 - Add the milk to your coffee:
Address the coffee gives you the activity and add milk, but also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

6 - Drinking a glass of water:
We all do not drink water for the day, the drought caused by simple not to deal with water in sufficient quantity to cause fatigue when you wake up and loss of concentration, headache, and therefore dealing with 1.5 liters of water a day is essential to increase vitality.

At eight or when you go to work:

7 - Take an apple with you to work:

The presence of an apple with you at work when you eat it makes you feel hungry, a much better source of energy intake, which may candy or soft drinks.

A new study has proven that people who eat an apple a day resist Rithm air pollution more than others.

8 - Take with you a little nuts:

The nuts contain unsaturated fats, vitamin E and magnesium, found that eating a small amount of nuts (4-5 times a week) leads to better health, but remember not to frequent them because they also contain a high amount of fat (1 / 8 cup of nuts gives 14 grams fat).

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