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The mother's eye on her, and every time, every note draws the attention of the mother is without a doubt, a note must be stopped here, then the doctor and be judged for the pediatrician, and mother, now let's show you some important points in relation to the health of your child that is our most precious to exist.

Firstly: With regard to Balsafra or so-called (Bossvar Jaundice):

Appear yellow in the natural child of the third day after birth and be in the white of the eye and skin color is generally tilted to the yellow, and not for the green, not accompanied by any serious symptoms such as inability to breast-or lack of usual daily activity of the child in terms of his movement or sleep, either Yellow sick child often begins the first day of birth and the proportion is high, and color, sometimes tilted to orange, and due to the increase in broken blood or green, so it caused a blockage in the bile ducts, accompanied by both the lack of activity in the newborn and breast feeding.

That breastfeeding prolongs the period of the yellow natural child for a period of more than a month, but this is not cause for concern as long as the tests proved that the yellow benign and not of the type of harmful, and can be the mother in this case pieces of breastfeeding if it is three days, then use the formula return to breastfeeding after that.

Second: navel:

The baby's umbilical cord is the link between him and the mother inside the uterus for the duration of pregnancy and the navel is an easy place for microbes to live in. If you are not taking care of him in the right way since the early hours of the birth and be done by adding diluted alcohol for the navel (lye secret) twice more per day for five days.

Down with the remnants of the umbilical cord is often on the tenth day or atheist ten after birth, but what if this does not happen? What if the late fall?
The delay in the fall of the remnants of the umbilical cord is not to be taken into account, and do the necessary analysis to find out why, in some cases be the result of a defect in the work of white blood cells and known as (leuco penia) is the delay of the umbilical cord for up to a month or more, but this is accompanied by other things such as disease: the recurrence of chest infections or the common intestinal When the child patient, a rash Aujrrarij without pus on the child's body, and with respect to Balsrp There is another matter that must be said to you, dear Mother:
Is that in some cases, there is nothing like a piece of meat in small prominent after the fall of the remnants of the umbilical cord, in this case must be done on the abdomen-ray television as the bulge is often the remnants of Al (Urachus) that have not entertained during the period of pregnancy, consult a doctor is surgery on children in it.

III: high temperature:

The best place to measure the temperature of the newborn, is the anus, and the temperature is, then, is Drahp real heat of the child's body, note that if you take the temperature under the armpit, you must add half a degree up to the real degree of the body. And temperature generally ranging between 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius and is reading below that or higher than that required to consult a doctor immediately.
And is the first three months of the life of a child are a critical period, and where any rise in temperature must for admission to hospital, even if the mother did not notice any signs of harm to the child, as it high enough temperature for the diagnosis of serious diseases such as meningitis or blood poisoning or other critical situations.

The hospital and the receiving of the child at the time all the necessary analysis to detect the disease causes high temperature, including comprehensive blood tests, kidney function and liver functions, blood cultures, urine and cerebrospinal fluid, and that is what most objected to by parents and mothers, and in this area would like to acknowledge this the importance of taking a small amount of cerebrospinal fluid studies Mkroskubia and chemically grown and to detect the presence of any bacteria or viruses causing meningitis and mention here that the process of taking the cerebrospinal fluid, where safe needle placed in the vacant space of the nerves.

And with regard to heat, then we say that every mother not to have to use an antibiotic when any rise in temperature, as it is not a panacea for all the rise, and because the antibiotic kills bacteria and does not have any effectiveness against viruses or fungi, which can be to be causing a warming of the child in this case causes the antibiotic to reduce the vulnerability of the child and not cure it, and therefore should not rush to give the child any type of antibiotics without the permission of the competent doctor.

IV: Diarrhea:

In this regard we need to remind the mother that the child was breast-fed, which can have a bowel movement 1-7 times a day in various forms differ from the form of cohesive feces to pieces, or in the form of ointment, and all these forms be within the normal stool for your newborn child is not considered diarrhea at all, The child who depends on breast feeding in the dairy industry is held captive for colic and constipation in some cases, faeces and is more coherent than that of natural breastfeeding breastfeeding, and diarrhea in the definition is: change in the strength or the number of times a stool by the return of the child, in the event no change for the mother to consult a doctor, and the mother can start is by giving her child the right amount of rehydration solution, or what is known as feeders (Pedialyte) or (ORS), a transparent solution tastes salty, recoup the lost child in the incidence of diarrhea and The oral rehydration This is the oldest at the same time the most recent treatment of diarrhea in gastroenteritis, as it would not compensate for the loss of this child can be the solution for a small to enter into a spiral of drought and the consequent lack of body fluids, and the failure of the functions of the brain and and heart failure in the work of the faculty and the rest of the organs of the body, and some are mothers to prevent the child from eating or drinking during the period of vomiting, which will accelerate the emergence of drought, and Nz care mother that they should encourage the child to eating and drinking various juices and water, even if vomiting, and that to reach the doctor.

Fifth: immunizations:

Immunizations are the most important scientific inventions in addition to human health, especially a newborn child, as they provide him with immunity against many microbes and dangerous diseases that can affect their lives and destiny.
Take care of my dear mother to vaccinate every child immunizations recorded in the Ministry of Health, a total of a vaccine for hepatitis B, polio, triple bacterial vaccine, flu Imovilis B, vaccination against tuberculosis, meningitis vaccine vehicles.

My dear mother, that your eagerness at the follow-up your child down and identify your feedback and periodic visit to the doctor is the best way to detect any ill health and in your hand from the outset by the first treatment.

With my sincere wishes for good health for you and your child.

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