Types of food

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Types of food
Available for many types of fish food can be broken down as follows
A - dry food
You can buy dry food made from animal and plant materials in addition to vitamins and minerals, and these foods to meet the basic needs of fish, except that feed on live food only.
Dry food is available on one of the following forms:
Fine and coarse
They are light weight float above the water surface and then slowly fall to the bottom, and this quality suitable for fish that feed on the surface using soft diet of fish and small coarse fish larger size.
They fall quickly to the bottom is suitable for benthic fish that prefer feeding on the bottom.
It is suitable for feeding voracious fish are usually rich in vitamins and vegetables to, including grains floating on the surface of the water surface for fish nutrition, and floating particles remain suspended in the central region of the water for a while, It is suitable for fish living in the middle class of water, and grains fall quickly to the bottom, It is suitable for benthic fish, and different countries of the granules according to the age of fish

B - liquid food
Liquid food designed to help juvenile fish and shellfish in the collection of herbs and diet as they contain accurate diets facilitate the process of food are rich in protein and designed to juvenile fish and shellfish, fish and herbs, tubular mouth.

C - Green Food
Many of the fish to vegetables to accept, especially fish plant nutrition, and can be purchased dried or green food can be provided for fresh fish.
And the most important vegetable used in feeding fish are spinach, lettuce, and algae, and algae can be prepared using algae and fertilizer use appropriate lighting to create algae.
D - Food Animal

These include live or frozen food where there is no significant difference in nutritional value between them, but some types of fish do not accept the frozen food

Food Animal
These include live or frozen food where there is no significant difference in nutritional value between them, but some types of fish do not accept the food frozen.
Frozen food:
It consists of slices of meat or fish available in the form of templates are saved in the refrigerator to the point of freezing and can be kept in the refrigerator for several months at least, when you use a small portion of them cut and placed in a jam, as it allows the food to keep the protein components of natural high when placed in the basin of these foods absorb moisture and restore its natural state and that the fish come easily.
Several types are available from the frozen food and fall in two main sections:
A - Food individual
These foods contain ice on one type of food per package. Among the most famous types Almessis shrimp and squid, clams, fish Allens and the heart of beef and red worms and shrimp and eggs Albrin lobster scallops.

B - Food Integrated
Resides on the body kits, plant and animal groups and groups of animals or vegetation.
Live food
There are a lot of live food that is popular with fish greedily, and featuring a high proportion of proteins and fats, and most important:
First used as food for fish larvae hatching date, is also used as food for large fish and to increase fertility. Show the beauty of colors.

One of the organisms and a single cell located in the nature of stagnant water, and used as food for the fry primary large-scale

Worm Neighborhood:
You can get worms from the mud district is located in moist places and banks.
Since the worms often live in an environment contaminated with Vera not only to feed the fish after 24 hours to go out the worm in the bowels of waste contaminated with
Fruit fly:
Reside fruit flies or fruit farms frequently Alldorsovla

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