Treatment of laziness and inactivity

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Treatment of laziness and inactivity

Each of us come to him at some moments a sense of laziness and lethargy and inactivity, if this happens, tried to address some of these foods that help the body to restore energy and vitality

First: dark chocolate

Chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa and are free from milk and are also rich in iron and magnesium which help to fight fatigue and exhaustion.

Second: banana

Is the most fruits rich Erbojedat so it is equipped with a strong dose of the body, called energy more slowly than feeling tired.

III: Sardines

Is one of the iron-rich foods, which in turn provide the energy, which also contains a high level of Omega, one of the essential fats for the brain, also help to improve mood.

IV: sesame

Is one of the foods rich in magnesium which is essential for the release of energy in all cells of the body, so the earlier advice to address a handful of sesame seeds every day to provide the body energy, particularly women because their bodies lack the presence of magnesium element in the form required.

Fifth: whole grains (non-decorticated)

Bread rich in grains and seeds helps to release energy, but less rapidly than other types, but is considered an important element to provide the body with energy when feeling sleepy during the day.

VI: breakfast cereals brown

Is dealt with every day of the best things that improve mood, which also raises levels of energy in the human body.

Best wishes for all to enjoy the energy and activity of permanent

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