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Mental abilities deteriorate after sleep

According to a study that the ability to think about when people have not slept for 24 hours are better than humans, even when drunk man woke up just after a good portion of sleep the night before.
The study, conducted by the University of Colorado, the ability to understanding and comprehension and short-term memory is worse after waking up.

The results of this study important for a number of staff such as doctors, who work in night shifts and are required to perform the work immediately after waking.
The study appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

During the study participants spent six nights during which control sleep, where they were sleeping 8 hours a night, and researchers have been examining their performance after sleep every night, and among the testing procedures that are required to add two-digit numbers not on the appointment.

The researchers found that the skill of persons of the experiment is not particularly short-term memory, counting and Bdoualuai Ocean during the last three minutes that follow are waking up to a minimum.

The researchers add that although the effects of this decline in mental capacity after sleeping usually disappear within 10 minutes following a wake-up but the effects usually can be tracked even after two hours.
The study, to complement previous studies on the impact of lack of sleep for 24 hours or more and found that the effect of sleep on sleeping after waking up the same as if drunk.

Commenting on Professor Kenneth Rice, supervisor of the research that the reasons for this may be due to some parts of the brain late in waking up after waking up from sleep immediately.

Other research suggests that the cortex of the brain pre-frontal lobe, which are responsible for problem solving, emotion and complex thought are among the brain regions that were late in waking up.

Dr. Wright said that doctors or nurses or firefighters or ambulance drivers, who are sometimes forced to work or go to the place of accident might offer

Themselves to Mjaovp.

The researcher also noted that the study refers to the challenges faced by the ordinary man who must sometimes make crucial decisions following abrupt awakening.

He added that there is a need to study the impact of a spare bed and sleep with a view to compensation to persons deprived of sleep or working in night shifts.

Says Dr Neil Stanley, of the British Sleep Society, commented: "There are many people, such as junior doctors, where is the time of waking and how they feel when you wake up the number of hours they work.

He adds Msudaia advice: "Do not be anyone to play any important work during a period ranging between 15 -30 minutes from the time of waking up."

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Mental illness linked to climate diet

Study suggests that it is possible to be a change of diet in the last fifty years has had an impact mainly in the high incidence of mental illness.

And announced that "delegations Kambiinerz Sastin" and the Organization of mental health in Britain to make foods that are currently affecting the balance of the food we eat, as is the UK population eating less fresh food than before, with increased consumption of saturated fats and sugars.

According to the study, this diet caused the new cases of depression and problems in memory. However, food experts said the research is still not final, the results are not conclusive.
Has declared the director of mental health to address mental health problems through diet modification, have proved effective in some cases more than painkillers and Alakarir.

And explain the study titled "Feeding Minds," How to change the balance of natural food-based minerals, vitamins and essential fats in the last fifty years.
The researchers that the spread of industrial plantations Enter pesticides and led to strongly modify the structure of fat in animals because of the food they eat.

The study, for example, poultry are fatten twice as quickly than those which had needed thirty years ago to reach the maximum weight, leading to high fat than 2 percent to 22 percent.

On the other hand, the study that Alasthilalk excess of saturated fats by the proliferation of fast food, slow down the brain works.
The study pointed out that the consumption of vegetables decreased by 34 percent, while eating fish decreased by two-thirds what it was fifty years ago.
It is known that fish contains omega-3 fatty acid vital for the safety of the mind.

Consequently, these changes in diet-related diseases, schizophrenia and landslides neurological and Alzheimer's.
The study called for awareness campaigns urging people to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and fish.

One of the researchers commented on the report, saying: "The good news is that food is the same reason health food healthy body. The bad news is that in the event has not been modified food and agricultural policy in a radical and comprehensive, it will not be available in the future, nutritious foods and useful

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Of food and drink Asahihan play a role in enhancing immune function

Belongs to the immune cells of the immune system, the latest discovery of biological devices. They were numerous cells of the immune system in form and function, and the first immune cells that have been identified cells are sebaceous glands, ethnic and skin cells themselves, because they all work on the surface protection of the body that penetrated by bacteria and microbes and toxins, the initial line of defense. There is also immune cells spread and move to promote the defense of the body if subjected to any attack on any site of its members or tissues.

* Immune cells multiple

«The lymphoid cells which constitute the immune system are of two types: epidemiological cells (B) cell, which is related to the production of antibodies in the body to eliminate the enemies, and T cells (T) cell, a multi-purpose, cells mismatch assistance, which represents the leadership of the immune system qualitative and alert of B-cells to produce antibodies. There are killer cells, which latch onto the enemy and destroys it, then there are ballasts that restrain cell hyperactivity (harmful) to the immune system after the abolition of the UFO, and there are cells that have Alokolp recognition feature to install the cells and foreign objects were destroyed ».

Research is still discovering every day new and new on the immune cells and functions and their relationship to the fight against diseases. In the books of a large extension of immunity to the precise details of immune cells. These cells are not immune from the effects of what many around, but the most important environmental contaminants and psychological emotions and the activity of the body and motor sports and the genetic factor, and last but not least the quality and quantity of the human diet. And the last is that it will shed light on one side and only one of its aspects, is the impact of acid and alkaline (PH) in food on human health in general and on immune cells in particular.

* Acid and alkaline

Intended Balhamadip and alkaline balance acid and alkali-known symbol (PH), which refers to the measurement of acid and alkaline numbered, as the (PH 1) very acidic, and (PH 14) very alkaline, and the number (PH 7) refers to the parity between the acid and alkaline, which the degree of clean water. The lower the number 7 on the acid-dl, and vice versa higher than 7 is indicated by alkalinity.

The human body, including cells, fluids and materials between the cell and all internal fixtures, influenced a lot in Hamadith and Gulwith including intake of food. Consequently, the quality of nutrition, whether acidic or alkaline, have an impact on the cells and fluids. The most affected cells of the immune cells awaiting feed properly and correctly, as it including soldiers in the fields of war, said that weakened nutrition sapped their strength and affected their health and thus weaken their performance.

* Types of food

To enhance human health must address the 75 per cent alkaline food and 25 per cent to acidic food affects the body's cells, particularly immune cells to keep alkaline cells to enhance immunity and health. The viruses and microbes do not grow and multiply in the case of acid-alkaline contrary, the chance of reproduction and growth is more compared Balgulwip, and the system conversion of fats to fat stored above does not work (PH 7.5) and dispose of the body, in addition to the body a nutrition alkaline alkali expelled inactivity and laziness and headaches. All that is a gateway to talk about nutrition and nutrition acidic alkaline.

* Alkaline and acidic foods

Can find alkaline foods and beverages that promote health as well as acid that are harmful to health, the return of books specialized in that, and have been here a little shortcut. Valekhulyat located on the top of the list of drinks harmful acidic pH, as its scale (PH 2), it is highly acidic. Comes cola drinks and the like after the alcohol in terms of high-acid, since its scale is (PH 3), as well as many other beverages, particularly coffee, which contains a high percentage of caffeine, acidic drinks are varying degrees of acidic (PH 4 - 5) . This is followed by red tea as it (PH 6), while green tea edged up, so up to alkaline (PH 9), and can return a book devoted to the degree of acidity and alkalinity of each drink of drinks. As is known, the degree of water (PH 7), but there is a recording of some types of water up to (PH 7.9).

* Vegetables and fruits

The food, all fresh fruits and vegetables fall in the category is alkaline and some high alkalinity, Vvaidtha very large, it makes the body more entrenched disease and immune cells to make more power and immunity. The adenoids food (meat), including beef, sheep and chickens, all of which do not reach the degree of acidity and alkalinity to the (PH 7), and worst of all pork acidity with low percentage to the maximum acidity compared to all the meat, while the higher alkalinity of meat fish rise above 7 in some species (PH8).

All carbohydrates, including rice, the degree of acidic and alkalinity is equal to five (PH5). With varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity for oils, but the highest alkaline: olive oil, sesame oil, where to record the rise of the alkaline up to 9 (PH 9), and thus found that the acid and alkaline foods and drinks affect the body's cells, including immune cells, how can this be the impact ?

* Effects of mental

The drinks and foods have an impact on the balance of acid / alkali, but this effect is not based on original chemical composition, but based on the «ash», or what remains of it after the digestion process, ie that the output of the digestion process becomes acidic or ashes to ashes as alkaline drinks and foods that dealt with rights. Thus, the immune cells (internal juices) as well as blood fluid that swimming in it, and between the cells of the material interfaces are especially acidic and alkalinity, which feed on it, especially the immune system that derives its strength from the device-funded (digestive system), and it is received from the acidic and alkaline have great impact in the cells, and this effect is equivalent to positively and negatively, vulnerable and force only the impact of emotions as indicated by recent studies. Where that while there were food and drinks acidic or alkaline, the presence of emotions may increase or decrease the degree of PH. Love, pleasure, meditation, kindness and gentleness and kindness lift alkaline, while hatred and fear and anger and concern they raise the acid in the body.

This explains that the cells of the immune system when the disease is deteriorating because of the attendant of the patient's fear, anxiety, tension, and usually helps the immune cells awakening, strength and vulnerability are: proper nutrition, which is closer to the alkaline, and psychologically that increase the rate of alkalinity.

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Frequent headaches may damage brain cells

A major study modern Germany between the injury recurring headache in the head repeatedly and permanent damage to brain cells.

In addition to the headaches caused by the pain of myself and my body is in the case of fatigue and general weakness Taatari body and inability to concentrate, as well as the severity of pain, you may even be a more dangerous - the opinion of the study - its effects are sometimes the loss of "gray matter" in the brain cortex .

In this context, director of the hospital medical neurologist at the University of Aisne west of Germany, Professor Hans-Christoph Diener magazine "Brigitte Woman," the German "If the headaches intermittently for more than five years, the patient will not be able to be free of pain at all."

The dinner that can not handle the headache in any case only when it is caused by early identification and targeting of that reason and treatment. "The only time a person can prevent complications, including impairment of memory".

Also considered to determine the cause of headache in itself is not insignificant, "There are about 243 species for headaches included in the list announced by the World Health Organization about the different types of headaches and migraines, which occupies the first place."

He warned Diener said, "It came to his advanced degree needs to be addressed with analgesics frequently for example in the ten days of the month, will be of benefit with treatment."

He advised a type of "comprehensive treatment", which combines medication and cognitive behavior therapy such as relaxation exercises and methods to get rid of stress, anxiety and constant practice to increase the capacity of endurance sports until avoid causing any harm "rule gray" in the brain.

It is noteworthy that also called gray matter because of the color apparent to the naked eye, representing the cerebral cortex. Found under microscopic observation that the article was composed mainly of Rkouhip stellar objects form a nerve cell bodies, while white matter consists of the strength of nerve fibers.

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Dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate

A medical study reported that dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels, thus confirming the results of previous studies on the medicinal benefits of cocoa on the cardiovascular system.
The researchers from Yale Center for Prevention Research - for the past six weeks - study the impact of non-sweetened dark chocolate with 39 people, men and women were divided into three groups.
The group took the first day of this 227 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate, while the second addressed the dark chocolate, pancakes and the third was given a substitute.
The doctors during the study period by a special measuring the basic ability of the artery in the arm to relax to allow blood to flow more, before and after consumption of the quota assigned to each group.
Found for the two groups, which Asthlkta cocoa can arm artery's ability to relax improved significantly by 4.2% in those who ate dark chocolate is sweetened, and by 5.1% in those on quality of desalinated water.
As for the group, which has been given an alternative appeared that the ability of the artery to relax eased by 8.0%.

It is known that cocoa is rich in anti-oxidant (Flavonoiid) help dilate the arteries. This article also found in fruits, vegetables and red wine.
A study of physician Diane Baker, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore published last November, confirmed that eating a few small squares of dark chocolate every day have the effect of aspirin in reducing blood clotting and reduce the risk of clogged arteries, is responsible for many heart attacks

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Red hot peppers to prevent blood clots

Studies revealed unveiled the multiple benefits of hot pepper, and cayenne pepper in particular. Handled chili reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood, and also reduces the proportion of the main material to be fat and oils, and reduces blood platelet pool. On the other hand, increases red pepper body's ability to dissolve fibrin material, a material that works to be a blood clot in the blood. The results of the studies found that people who use the red pepper as part of their diet constantly to have a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes, and blockage of the lung. In addition, add the chili pepper to your food to prevent crash of fat in the blood Baltoksd, the first step towards the disease atherosclerosis.

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Symptoms of infection by intestinal worms and treatment, weakness of the General Body

Parasitic worms:

Worm snake abdomen or Ascaris:

Cylindrical worms does not have loops ranging in length from 15-20 cm, living in the small intestine feed on undigested food and the disposal of feces in the intestine and cause symptoms of general weakness and wasting, indigestion and blockage in the intestine.

Infection: through contamination of food rights eggs of these worms that come out in the faeces of the infected, and when it reaches the intestine of the hatch and out of small worms.


It worms ranging in length from 1 - 1.5 cm and live parasites in the human intestine. And prove itself by sharp teeth in the wall of the intestine. Absorb and feed on blood. For that cause anemia, general weakness and wasting.

Infection: moving small larvae that live in mud contaminated feces of patients to human skin when walking barefoot on the mud if the intervention of the skin to the body and stabilizes after a tour in the intestine to return their life cycle.


The parasitic worms flat tape-like shape of her body composed of rings and the length of the worm per 10 m, small head size of a pinhead, and there are several types of the named type (Tenea Sagiinta) and breadwinner average cows, and live one worm in the human intestine and therefore the only known worm and worm show (Tenea Sagiinata) head in the intestinal wall by four Mmsat and absorb food from the flat surface is long and feces excreted in the intestine leads to poor digestion and colic occurs frequently and a feeling of hunger and the patient's body becomes weak and wasting public.

Infection: out with the feces of infected objects and within the last egg and break down when the spread of eggs attached weed and become infectious to cattle if fed them where eggs hatch in the stomach and graduated from a small moving worms with blood to reach the muscles of the body and settle in the muscles in the form of head and neck (Cystic worm) and rights when dealing with infected beef is cooked well, the worms move to the intestines and begins in the neck growth and create new pieces out pieces of mature and at the end of the worm's body with stool

Herbal treatment of intestinal worms:

There are a large number of herbs used for centuries to treat intestinal worms is the most important herbs as follows:

Onions: ONION onions used to expel intestinal worms in children and the way that the number of slices soaked fresh onions in a little water for 12 hours and filtered in the morning and then given to the child after sweeten with honey and continue on that day until the expulsion of worms from the intestines. You can also use boiled onions Khaknp enema for the expulsion of worms, and boil it half medium onion for 3 minutes at about one liter of water and filtered and then injected into the cold in the anus.

Garlic: GARLIC Garlic is known that the killer of bacteria, it also kills intestinal worms, especially when children and for this purpose is taken three cloves garlic, peeled and boiled in the amount of a cup of milk and then watered the mix of the child once in the morning and is followed by an enema so warm and boil 3 cloves of garlic in the water or milk and milk preferred by three-quarters of the L and then filtered and slowly injected into the hot "about 35 degrees" in the anus and this method kills the intestinal worms in and out with feces.

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin Seeds take about 70 seed of the pumpkin seeds mature and completely and then peel and mash By raising this with the amount equal to that of sugar until Ametzajhma this paste and eaten on an empty stomach and then eaten fresh bean Islands and maintains it daily for a week and a special worm Hzhalocefp bar "only" If the worm does not appear in the stool will be well placed greater quantity of seed "170 seed," but before using eaten some carrots and some garlic and onions every day for three days without the use of pumpkin seeds on the fourth day of preparing the dough Albdhurkme we have already said, and then divided into two equal parts, one of them eaten in the morning fasting and two hours after eaten Section II, and an hour later and taken one tablespoon of salt England
"Sold in pharmacies," dissolved in half a cup of lukewarm water and this kills the worm, but inevitably they leave may be delayed to the next day and can use this recipe, even for pregnant women and children where
Harm them and must make sure that the head of the worm has come out, since if it did not come out, it could re-configure the worm again.

Ginger: Ginger says the world of herbs Premier Paul Colik
Author of the book (Common Spice and Wonder Drug) that the root of fresh ginger and effective killer for some types of intestinal worms, especially worm Alheitroffic.

Mexican tea: Wormseed tea is a Mexican herb Yearbook length up to one meter serrated leaves and flowers of yellow to green and the user of this herb
Twigs, leaves and flowers together. Containing herb tea Mexican oil pilot boat which is the main Alascaridol This compound is the compound extruder for worms.
Mexican tea used in the form of boiled by taking a tablespoon of plant and fill the cup with boiled for 3 minutes, then cooled and filtered and drink three times a day. With the observation that a plant
Poisonous if dose increased this limit must also pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children not in use.

Anbroc: Papaya user segment of the Anbroc to expel intestinal worms is where the seeds of fruits eaten about 12 stubs chewy once a day and even go out this recipe worms and widespread in Peru and India.

Pineapple: Pineapple contains the fruits of pineapple enzyme known as Rumilen and eat pineapple for three consecutive days without eating infected with anything else that kills intestinal worms and leadeth them out.

Turmeric: Turmeric contains turmeric Jzmor four vehicles have a characteristic kill off worms and can be used with turmeric rice as it is one or spice can be taken a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder once a day.

Clove: Clove is the spices of cloves Anthelmintic can be added to the powder, cloves and pineapple juice Anbroc and eating twice a day or you can save half a teaspoon with
A small amount of milk or water.

Finally, you can use the vehicle described by the following articles is easy and very useful: Tin and Anbroc and pineapple and ginger and cloves and turmeric and the way be taken half the fruit and half the fruit Anbroc
Pineapple Tin Cork and Cork apricot and mixes all Balkhalatp then added to the juice quarterly output teaspoon each of turmeric, cloves, ginger and mix well and then drink this mixture.

Alosrb: Rumex, a herbal plant part used Muammar young twigs from soft where he is eaten fresh branch to Gsnin kills worms worm is a recipe tried and tested

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The role of intestinal flora and their effect on bowel

Home intestine about 10 micro-organisms, which constitute the life of regular and multi-activities in the chemical representation of the multi-faceted and that is similar to the functions of some members of the body such as the liver function. The intestinal micro-flora of particular importance in the completion of digestion, as well as natural role in the morbidity and has a key role in the maturation of the immune system lymphatic system administrator in the colon, as well as immune-General in the body.

Beneficial intestinal bacteria are the first line of defense in the intestine. The gut flora is made up of the newborns after birth and then fit and unite their contents by gut flora mother and commensurate with the degree of cleanliness of a hospital birth.

The bacteria first in the settlement of intestinal bacteria is (E. Coli) Ashricia coli, due to the activity and the ability of these bacteria and the consumption of active oxygen, which encourages bacteria (Anaerobe Bak), who lives in a little oxygen on the presence and reproduction. The bacteria (E. Coli) is the first in the physiological adhesion wall of the large intestine.

Where the adoption of watershed deterrent against other germs, thanks to the specificity of immunity, in addition to this, and the waste is supplied through the membrane colon energy. Acids with carbon chain of the bacteria producing short helps to absorb sodium and chloride and to activate the screw, as well as to stimulate blood circulation to the intestine with me.

Information is of paramount importance on the role of beneficial bacteria in the protection of intestinal infection and cause the emergence of symptoms that reflect the image of the so-called nervous colon and which I will briefly in the following paragraph:

The spread of irritable bowel syndrome

The bowel disease or what some call a «sensitive colon» was one of the diseases that are diagnosed in the field of diseases of the digestive system. It is a disease confined to the dysfunction of the intestines has not been set yet scientifically clearly caused by a disease that commonly afflicts more than 15 percent of the world's population, were killed and three times the female and male injury affects all age groups from age 45 to 64. At the onset of symptoms for the first time before sixty is likely to be caused by organically.

Here is a group of irritable bowel syndrome:

1 - pain in the entire abdomen.

2 - Change in bowel movement number of times (3 times per day or 3 times a week).

3 - Change in the form of excrement from the liquid to form Altbar.

4 - the feeling of a swollen abdomen and a feeling of completeness or defecate.

5 - bloating, excessive gas, with the difficulty of disposal.

6 - defecation accompanied Balmkhaz.

7 - sudden feeling of the need to stand out and not being able to control.

8 - the sense of relief after defecation and the intensification of symptoms after eating meals.

9 - not affected by sleep symptoms.

10 - the intensification of symptoms after exposure to psychological fatigue.

11 - improved symptoms and disappearance of the psychological comfort and holidays.

Diagnostic tools

Since 1970 has always specialized in the field of diseases of the digestive system to try to define the symptoms and diagnosis. The difficulty lies in the inability of the existence of any morphological changes or changes in laboratory, and therefore the disease is diagnosed through symptoms. In preparation for the World Conference for the digestive system in 1990 in Rome has been developed guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of this disease by specialists called the global «Rome Category 1» Category and finally Rome 2.

The Assembly of the digestive system specialist German (DGVS) and other properties are developed diagnosis and treatment of IBS. Most important of these symptoms:

* Abdominal pain during the last 12 months and lasted 12 weeks or more non-continuous to be accompanied by two of the three symptoms as Rome 2.

* Changes in the number of irregular bowel movement and or change in the form of feces and or disappearance of symptoms after bowel movements.

We do not want to fail to mention the symptoms of irritable bowel disease, such as a feeling of fullness, early non-relapse acid, nausea or vomiting, stomach pain or increase the acidity as well as other symptoms beyond the abdominal symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, back pain, depression and fear, difficulty urinating and menstrual pain and irregularities in heart rate.

The doctor that works to limit and distinguish the disease diagnosed when the following symptoms:

- High temperature.

- The emergence of blood.

- The fat in the stool.

- Lack of weight or increased symptoms in patient over the age of sixty-so not being able to sleep in pain. Therefore, you must perform laboratory tests in the blood and feces in the case of diarrhea and make sure that parking and some food allergies and behind the symptoms.

Herein lies the importance of using modern equipment and perspectives of the stomach and colon, as well as ultrasonic radiation in the differential diagnosis so as not to lose sight of the doctor about the patient with serious illnesses such as cancer.

Satisfactory functional disorder of the colon nervous system:

1 - excessive sensitivity to feel the pain.

2 - imbalance in the bowel movement.

3 - get a bug in the components of intestinal flora.

The psychological situation of the patient affect positively or negatively on the symptoms of the disease. In the event of symptoms when eating certain foods, we distinguish between allergy and indigestion of these foods. For example, when dealing with milk products or a grain of wheat, as well as egg yolk. Increasing symptoms of this indicates the presence of allergy to these products and are diagnosed by conducting tests to detect sensitivity to these foods.

When you hit the large intestine is infected with bacteria stimulate intestinal membrane on the secretion of tnf GCh il - ib, which in turn weakens the intestinal membrane resistance and therefore the negative impact on the movement of emptying the intestines.

After microbiological testing for bowel disease show the following:

1 increase in Clostridium bacteria.

2 lack of presence of beneficial bacteria such as Kolevorm, to Aktobasells BIVERO as well as bacteria.

3 Anaerobe bacteria increased in the gut mucosa by 15% and 60% of colorectal patients who suffer from diarrhea. The patients who suffer from constipation ratio equal to 100%.

4 imbalance in the proportion of presence of acids with carbon chain short.

5 imbalance in the fermentation processes and increased production of hydrogen gas.

The misuse of antibiotics adversely affect the beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Methods of treating IBS

1 - general medical procedures by clarifying the doctor to explain the nature of the disease and lack of seriousness and to avoid repetition of the doctor, and diagnostic and educate the patient to take responsibility for the same treatment and to avoid psychological stress as well as avoiding foods that cause him harassment.

2 - drug therapy and all medication as symptoms experienced by the patient.

3 - in the case of constipation, diarrhea, and gas is recommended to use Mutaflor also advisable to use incentives bowel movement in the case of constipation. The patient was suffering from stress, fear and insomnia are advised to use appropriate drugs for that.

Therapy Brubiot It is a live micro-organisms useful and appropriate to live and coexist within the intestine and maintain the parity and the protection of the intestine and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. We do not want to lose sight of the said Brobbeotka found in some foods such as milk.

According to a study conducted by a team of doctors under the supervision of Dr.. Onzano on 570 patients using the colon irritable colon cleaning of modern technology. Show that the rate of improvement in patients with irritable bowel up to 90% and 80% of patients with chronic constipation.

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Cut Rbohaydarat help to reduce blood pressure

Help reduce Rbohaydarat to get rid of excess weight just Kahumaip low-fat and supported prescribing "Orlistat",
Is an effective means to reduce blood pressure in many of those who suffer from this problem.
The researchers said a study published in the journal "Orcayv of Internal Medicine," The pursuit of these two types of diet, no reduction was Rbohaydarat and high-fat foods, helped many patients who participated in the elimination of about 10% of the weight is almost as reflected positively on their health and control pressure blood.
And Dr. William Yancey, assistant professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center "The blood pressure improves more when you reduce the amount of Rbohaydarat, and there are several options for people, and you just select the diet that you think that you can better adhere to and cooperation with your doctor to do so" .
Said Dr. Robert Kouchner, Faculty of Medicine at Northwestern University that obesity causes many problems such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes and many cancers.
He added that statistics indicate that more than one third of American adults are obese and that obesity rates rose by about 140% over the past decade.
The study included 146 people overweight or obese, average age of fifty-two years and the index of the body to have 39 randomly then asked them to comply with either low or Carbohaedrat diet medication "Orlistat" with low-fat diet. It is well known that when the body above the index is thirty-one obese.
It can buy medicine, "Orlistat" and trade name "Xinekal" without a doctor's prescription in America.
He was found after 48 weeks of the study group with the Carbohaydart less weight decreased by about 9,5% decline in the weights who took the drug "Orlistat" about 8,5% of weight, as well as improved cholesterol levels, "good" or "HDL "and triglycerides when the two groups followed the health system as directed by the researchers.
The researcher and specialist in nutrition and President Karen Kongro welfare program and life in the Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center, "There are many ways to get rid of weight, but the test is whether adherence to diet is successful or not."
"If the reduced weight at a rate ranging between 5% and 10% will be reflected positively on the level of blood pressure and cholesterol and glucose and that will make you healthier."

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