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What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

Most patients blood pressure do not feel any symptoms of the so-called silent killer but some may feel a headache or dizziness, the fatigue and tension and these symptoms also arise from some other diseases so it can not know whether the patient was infected with the disease are only examining and measuring the patient's blood pressure.

What are the complications of high blood pressure?

If you did not address the high blood pressure, the patient may complain of it are serious complications and can not be cured in some cases, is the most important organs affected more than others in the body are the brain, kidneys, heart, and as a result of low blood flow or completely to the disability of such members.


Its effects on the heart
The cardiac patients blood pressure does not receive enough blood and oxygen, which may occur in the clogged coronary artery and thus the patient feels pain in the chest (chest agitation), and when no effort had been happening to the patient's heart attack, and the chronic shortage of blood to the heart ischemia may lead to the death of part of the heart muscle, usually in the muscle of the left ventricle, which could affect the ventricles and arteries in these cases depends on the heart pulse, causing often fatal.

Its effects on the brain
When the operating area of the brain blood perfusion due to narrowing of the arteries result in a seizure. The episode, be the image of a sudden loss of strength and a sense of paralysis or may give rise to paralysis on both sides, top and bottom of one side, and he spoke the Nuba (stroke) due to rupture of an artery in the brain, or because a clot will form in the brain, leading to intermittent or permanent blood flow to the brain and the swelling on these cells, causing also influence the brain function and therefore the patient in a coma and in most cases of death.

Its effects on the kidneys
When less blood supply to the kidneys as a result of high blood pressure, the units affected by the college begins its ability to remove waste and toxins down (renal failure) and therefore, the toxic substances accumulate in the blood.

Can conclude the subject by pointing out that people who did not handle the high blood pressure will live longer than those of normal blood pressure that is necessary to focus on the importance of controlling the pressure of the patient to prevent them from serious complications that may have.

What is the treatment?

The cure for the disease, high blood pressure may be long-term or forever, so to speak, because drug treatment does not cure the disease, but controlled and therefore, follow the instructions your physician is very important also that you stop medication without consulting a doctor on the grounds that his blood pressure became normal is dangerous, where that once the patient stops taking of antihypertensive medications back the disease again.

It could be argued that blood pressure is divided into two parts, treatment without drugs Non medical treatment and drug treatment Medical treatment.


Treatment without drugs Non medical treatment
You must follow the following instructions to their importance:

Weight loss if the patient is obese.

Reduce salt intake and can be replaced with Lemon and also reduce intake pickles, cheese, fish, salt.

Stop drinking alcohol.

Stop smoking, especially women who use oral contraceptives.

Reduce the intake of foods rich in fat.

Change the pattern of his life dimension as much as possible on the causes of tension, anxiety and stress.

Medical treatment of antiretroviral treatment
We have stated previously unknown to that in many cases, patients do not feel anything blood pressure, therefore, acceptable to taking the drugs for blood pressure is a little special and that some of these drugs have side effects and some high-cost so you can say that the disease does not feel benefit from the medicine but feel its effects and side high cost.

In this sense then the physician awareness and persuade the patient using these drugs in order to avoid what might happen to him of the serious complications discussed above. There are many types of drugs used to lower blood pressure such as:

Drugs, diuretics Diuretics
These medications reduce the pressure by increasing urination and the example we set on these types Althayazaid Thiazide group is the most important features of this drug it is easy to use and has long been known that as little cost and the expected problems do not bear the patient's frequent urination and that the length of use of the body loses a large amount of potassium leading to the patient from feeling tired, muscle weakness and loss of appetite, and diuretics increase the rates of fat triangular Triglycerides in the blood and reduce the carrying sugar.

Friendly group of antibiotics (beta-blockers) Beta-Blockers
Albroobranolol such as Propranolol and Metoprolol Almitobrolol and nullify the impact of these drugs when adrenaline receptors act Alodreynali Beta is located in the heart, thus reducing the speed of strikes and thus lower the pressure, and the most important problems that it causes a decline in the bronchi and thus causing shortness of breath and also have a negative impact on the blood and fat reduce the effect of insulin to diabetics so is not recommended for patients who suffer from asthma or sugar-insulin-dependent, and that the patient may feel cold on the hands or feet, especially in winter.

Surge lime (calcium channels obstructions) Calcium Channel Blocker
Like Alnevidben Nifedipine. These drugs prevent the entry of calcium into the smooth muscles in the arteries, which reduces erosion of the arteries and thus reduce blood pressure, and it reduces the validity of the electrical Alsialat reduces the heart rate. It is the feeling side effects headache, constipation, and some pain in the stomach area as it causes redness in the face.

Inhibitors, or inhibitors of the enzyme responsible for the conversion of a Alonjyotincen Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Such as Captopril Captopril and these drugs work by blocking the enzyme responsible for conversion of a Alonjutensen number one to number two article Alonjutencin (active compound) and thus the blood vessels expand to accommodate a larger amount of blood, and the material less aldosterone and thereby increase the proportion of sodium salt water out through college decreases blood pressure and features of these drugs it is also used to treat heart failure Heart Failure, as they have a positive effect on blood lipids and increase insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients. Among the most important side effects cough (dry cough Dry Cough), which makes the patient in some cases, depending on use.

Other groups
There are other groups are also used to reduce blood pressure, such as

Vascular stents Vasodilators

Central act of medicines Central acting drugs

Drugs act adrenergic Adrenergic drugs

Sedative drugs Sedatives and Tranquilizers

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