Fruit flies fight cancer

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Fruit flies fight cancer

mexican fruit flies

U.S. scientists said that they have conducted tests on fruit flies may help to find a quick and easy way to find compounds that increase the activity of the body in the fight against toxic chemicals and adds another positive dimension to cancer research.
And enter the scientists at the medical center in Rochester, an amendment to the activity of fruit flies (Drosophila (in order to launch a green light when exposed to carcinogenic chemicals such as those found in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and some other foods.
They said that the chemical signals when this kind of flies help stop the toxins that might be exposed to the body. They pointed out that once a sense of danger so-called gene name KEAP1 material called NRF2 helps cells to stop the oxidation in the cells.
Professor Dirk Bowman said, "This one of the mechanisms used by the body to fight cancer." Explaining that "This puts cells at the site of defense against oxidation."

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