Food in health and disease

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Food in health and disease

. That the phrase which says, "that your health is governed and influenced by what you eat" is a valid argument, especially in this day and age, it is known that many chronic diseases are on the rise is due to wrong food habits, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, and bowel disease , diseases, stroke and other
They also produced civil products, processed food, making food available in multiple formats, qualities attractive and removed the manufacturing of food a lot of fiber and useful articles such as: vitamins and minerals, in turn, increased the proportion of sugars and fats significantly
It is advisable to re-examine in our food, and this is not necessarily a denial of the pleasure of food, but what is important is the right choice to achieve a balance diet. There are important qualities a person must ensure the inclusion of the daily diet, including
Cereals, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products
Can be summarized the most important tips that should be introduced to food is balanced
- Avoid eating animal fats and replace them with vegetable oils, especially olive oil
- A lot of eating fish, especially fatty fish
- Replacement of the regular dairy products Low-fat Milk
- Focus on white meat "chicken, fish" instead of red meat "sheep, cattle and camels" - sure to include the daily diet of plant protein available in beans and lentils, for example
- To try to minimize foods cooked in fat and go to the cuisine and grilled boiled
- Avoid pasta, sugars
- Focus on eating fruits, especially those that contain fewer calories, such as apples, oranges, apricots .... Etc.
- Eat less fruit and dried fruit for calories and containing large, such as dates, grapes and other
- Drink water species only a few calories
- Make sure to eat fiber-rich foods such as brown bread "mainland"
- Practice exercises are graded commensurate with the nature of the body and Age
- Work to avoid canned foods and a focus on fresh foods Maomcn
Liquorice Garlic
Liquorice whenever you drink you forget it; The scientific study showed that licorice is useful in treating a long list of diseases because of its ability to stimulate the immune system, especially mulberry gland, which plays a major role in microbial resistance, as He is the Assistant to increase the firepower of the white blood cells which is one of the the most important weapons of the body that kill microbes and harmful substances, scientific studies have shown that a drink licorice helps the production of interferon, a substance proven effective in fighting cancer and viruses, so the licorice helps in the treatment of viral hepatitis and this is also confirmed by studies conducted in Japan and found that some materials derived from licorice benefit in the treatment of hepatitis
Studies have confirmed again that it is useful in the treatment of influenza, herpes, and is of the effectiveness of antibiotic resistance in some types of bacteria and kill microbes that cause the common roots and pneumonia. It also helps liquorice in the treatment of other diseases such as arthritis, asthma, allergies, constipation, stomach ulcers and duodenum, and benefits in the treatment of cough and symptoms of menopause and the troubles of PMS
The licorice was useful in treating all these diseases, but it causes some trouble for patients who complain of high blood pressure
Source: Asharq Al Awsat, the benefits of garlic are not new, but the Covenant are known Mend foot and the analysis shows that it contains 25 per cent of weight oils plane from sulfur compounds and 22 per cent carbohydrates, salts and fat
According to the garlic in the fight against digestive tract infections and infections resulting from post-natal or so-called maternal infections, and alerts the stomach, and stop bacterial diarrhea. It is also a good nerve tonic and is useful in improving sexual and mentioned in some sources that garlic be used to treat hair loss and strengthen the roots of his links
Furthermore, the garlic helps in reducing blood pressure and that its impact on the dual blood vessels and cholesterol because it prevents deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and thus reduce the incidence of heart attack and stroke in general In addition, it helps to expel worms and parasites from the digestive system. And use the product it Medical as "Alineodol."
It should be noted that garlic is very rich material, it sometimes causes indigestion, and gastrointestinal irritation, or irritation in the urinary system. Therefore should be avoided to avoid doing it too much or eating infected by intestinal disorders such as lazy and weak stomach, or kidney failure.

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