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Leaf parsley:

One of the plants available in the market at reasonable prices, and accessible to all, yet he is at home Pharmacy semi-integrated, so-called right (the king of vegetables). Because multiple studies on it decided that it contains a lot of mineral salts, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamins A, B, C, as well as beneficial acids and volatile oils useful, as well as antioxidants, and therefore vary benefits the many and varied between Aelloukaipwalalaj ... .


Parsley contains vitamin B-9, which is a catalyst for the protection of the skin in summer, in addition to stainless steel metal fatigue and stress, and parsley also contain abundant amounts of calcium, and even a greater proportion of calcium is found in milk.

In addition Bakdunsaly contains folic acid, beneficial for the heart and blood vessels, and the impediment of fetal malformations,
And also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C,,, thus plays the key role in strengthening the eyesight, and the prevention of night-blindness,
Parsley and maintains the integrity of the skin and impurities,
It also prevents hair loss, and using Lye of Fropalros.

Parsley and to contain antioxidants, it cleans the body of toxins,
And prevent the symptoms of premature aging.


1. Diet:

Kthiraaly parsley juice helps weight loss, with its effective and clear to dissolve fat and grease accumulated in the human body.

2 .. Useful in the treatment of liver and gallbladder.

3. Blood circulation and the heart:

According to the parsley in the treatment of anemia, and thus it is the treatment of anemia,
It also helps to expand the blood vessels,
And works on the renewal of tiny blood capillaries,
And regulates blood circulation in the body,
Besides that it is beneficial for the heart.

4. Musculature:

Parsley strengthens muscles of the body,
It also renews the cells.

5. Nervous system:

Parsley Strengthens the nervous system,
Furthermore, it strengthens the memory, and resist oblivion.

6. Urinary system:

Parsley ease the pain of the kidneys and the bladder and urethra,
It also addresses the Bimaptha urinary tract stones,
(Boiling the seeds of parsley Istkhaddmcherba for the treatment of urinary retention).

7. Digestive system:

Parsley, savory,
And helps to digest food,
It is also an effective treatment for constipation and gas, it is laxative, and soothing, and soothing the stomach.

8. Skin:

Boiling parsley (package in a liter of water) wash the face, he repeats his greenness and vitality,
It also deals with pimples and grains, and that drinking it twice a day for a week,

According to the boiling parsley painter fatty skin, while maintaining the integrity of the skin and purity,

Also uses compresses the breast to treat infections and breast problems,
It is then diluted to the heat, and sweaty.

9. Respiratory:

Parsley useful in asthma, and respiratory disorders,
Juice and parsley address pulmonary infections,
So that the parsley in boiling water for 10 minutes, then drink it several times during the day, to purify and cleanse the respiratory system.

10. Reproductive system:

Parsley Lye intravaginal effective treatment for women, for the treatment of gonorrhea white and menstrual disorders, and that they are organized to menstruation.

11. Parsley oil is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.
The Iatbroidha suicide of bio-energy and physical strength.

12. Parsley is useful in the treatment of rheumatism ..

13. The immune system:

Parsley increases the body's immunity against many diseases.

14. Thyroid:

Boiling parsley helps in the treatment of thyroid gland,
So that boiled at night, then drinks from a pint before going to sleep, and half of Traly breath, for 3 days.

15. And chewing parsley eliminates the smell of onions in the mouth.
So ,,,,,,,,,

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