Pomegranate protects against breast cancer, pomegranate

Publié par happy-diet jeudi 21 janvier 2010

Pomegranate protects against breast cancer

New York / the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research, published by the American Association for Cancer Research from the study suggests that pomegranate contains natural chemicals called "Ielagitanin" hinder the growth of the hormone estrogen, which helps the growth of cancer cells.
She stated that scientists do not know the quantity to be obtained from the article "Ielagitanin" for the prevention of breast cancer.
Said Professor Gary Stoner, Department of Internal Medicine at Ohio State's University "The relatively high levels of compounds Alaelagitanin necessary to combat breast cancer."
The Stoner "is not clear whether it was possible to obtain these levels in humans or animals because the blood does not absorb the hormone Alaelagitanin enough when you get it through food."
Stoner said that the findings should stimulate scientists to proceed with further studies on the fruit.
Stoner concluded by saying that perhaps women should consume more of pomegranates for the prevention of breast cancer and prevent damage that may be exposed to tissue in the body.

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