Hypnosis and Hypno ... benefits!

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Hypnosis and Hypno ... benefits!

Hypno word hypnosis means sleep Greece Hypnotism / Hypnotic / Hypnotist words used for the first time by J. Braid in 1843 in his book Neurology.

And return the use of hypnosis in the field of psychological treatment to the German Messmer Franz Mesmer, who established the theory of therapeutic hypnosis Aghannatisy, and he called Magnetisme Animal no animal magnetism

The definition of Hypnosis: There is no universal method commonly known in the definition of hypnosis, the conscious mind believes to be disabled, but the subconscious mind is awake state of flux of consciousness, have adaptive value of social, educational and biological weapons.

Hypnosis as possible seek to amend the degree of excitement and alarm and control behavior in the selection and the selection of interesting, and to respond and who have a significant role in maintaining the mental status and mental and physical health of humans, on the level of excitement with him.

Uses of Hypnosis:

Treatment of depression
Treatment of mental illness and mental symptoms Alscosomatip
Hypnosis is used in the field of education and success and effectiveness in schools and treatment of phobia (phobia) of the school, and dealing with exam anxiety and difficulties in reading and low self-esteem and strengthen the motivation for the study.

Historical facts about Hypnosis

In the Middle Ages was hypnosis used by sorcerers and they saw the black magic.

* During World War II, Winston Churchill spent the whole night and conscious. In order to avoid fatigue was putting himself in the process of transformation and change by sitting on a chair and count backward from 100 to 1.

* Use hypnosis successfully in World Wars I and II to treat men who suffer from neuroses resulting from the war.

* 1960 could Dr. Grace Rykov Russian Federation to the number of ordinary people to the painters and artists using hypnosis.

In 1981 Sweden became the first country in the world that have been made Hypnosis training programs within the schools.

* In the Los Angeles Police Department was assigned courses for four days examining the police and revolves around the use of hypnosis in the crime.

Hypnosis .. Between reality and imagination!!

Hypnosis is a psycho-therapeutic methods have been used to treat mental illness and solve social and psychological problems, and goes some scholars that the history of hypnosis due to the almost two hundred years, this means that the history of hypnosis is short compared with other scientific areas, and this continues the flag has a lot of mystery and a puzzle for those interested and specialists in the field of psychology and psychiatry .. So far, efforts are still continuing in the development of this science.

The areas of use of hypnosis many and varied, where we can use in the field of security, the offender can suggest some ideas and then on the recognition of it gradually.

Can also be used hypnosis in the field of education, where it began through hypnosis education of children and juvenile delinquents good habits and acceptable behavior as well as raise the motivation of science and academic achievement.

Through hypnosis can also change attitudes and modify the anomaly. Can also address some of those who have been subjected to the difficult financial crises and sudden.

That many areas of hypnosis and hypnosis experts, it is advisable not to allow any person to the exercise, which may constitute a serious abuse to the person when exercising the wrong way.

There are some films and television exposure events and facts related to hypnosis in a way, these movies where a great disservice to the scientific method in the treatment, but is designed to trade most cases dealing with hypnosis is related to anxiety, fear, depression and hysteria cases and cases of obesity - of wasting.

Hypnosis can not be used for conflict with the principles and values of any person and some people move away from hypnosis due to distortion of his therapists.

However, it must be said that Hypnotherapy Almngenatisi his benefits and I have registered the highest modern hospitals stunning success in this area and used the best-known psychologists, therapists and consultants in the field of psychological counseling, psychology, general medicine, and thus increased willingness to accept this treatment by the community

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