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Obesity in children, damage

Obesity may affect obese children's feet and specifically on the balance and gait
Research suggests that childhood obesity may cause damage to their feet and have problems walking in them.

According to the research which was submitted to the "conference of experts Medicine and the ills foot" shows that children who suffer from obesity, their feet longer and wider than normal.

It was found that these children Alibdinyin suffer from problems in balance and walking less rapidly than normal.

Experts warned that obese children may cause long-term problems in the foot, leg and back.

It is known that each foot of 26 bone and muscle is about 19, and a larger number of ligaments and tendons (the link between bones and muscles), blood vessels and nerves, which is designed to absorb the shock of walking and jogging.

But experts podiatrists say that excess weight and obesity may jeopardize the children's feet tender and non-developing fully, leaving it vulnerable to distortion and various other injuries.

The problem of balance
The experts, as this study looked at 200 children from Glasgow (Scotland) between the ages of 9-12 years, of whom 54 were obese, while 15 others Mfirto obesity.

The researchers found that the foot in children with obesity were on average longer than 18 mm, and wider by 15 mm.

In a second study of 44 children aged between 9-11 years, half of them obese, the researchers found that children Alibdinyin were suffering from an imbalance in the walk.

The researchers found that these children needed more time to balance on two feet when walking and less time on one foot, compared with normal weight children.

They also found that obese children walk was slower.

It is known that some children are born with flatter than normal, and this causes problems in walking and standing, but excess weight exacerbates these problems.

Even when children are born with a normal configuration, the weight factor remains present in the problems that can affect the foot, where it increases the pressure feet while trying to stand and walk.

Prevention is better than cure
Dr. "Srudolft Morrison," a lecturer from the "University of East London," which carried out the research: "The results are interesting because previous research has shown that foot problems limit the ability of the obese child to participate in athletic activity, and therefore may not be encouraged to exercise the option the best."

He adds, "Gordon Watt" consultant pediatric podiatrist: "This research is very important because it demonstrates to the podiatrist the fragile nature of the foot when the child is overweight or obese."

Commenting d. "Ian Campbell" from the "General obesity charity" The research shows the effects of obesity on each member of the body.

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