The benefits of Marjoram

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The benefits of Marjoram

Curative properties:

- Characteristics of the therapeutic that remover of pain and an antiseptic and antispasmodic and Tabs of pressure and deal with hypnotic soaked boiled to expel phlegm and ease coughs and colic Nkhvev mother and inflamed liver and gall bladder is also working to expel gas and ease cramps, intestinal disease.

- Marjoram is effective against convulsions and high blood pressure, insomnia and facial spasm, anxiety and pain of rheumatism.

- Oil Marjoram enter in medicine as one of the vehicles the expelling of the gases in the installation of drugs to treat rheumatism, eczema and ulcers.

- Also from abroad Ktdlik used for inflammation of the nerves and muscles of neck pain. Tencgah can be inflammation of the sinuses. It can also be prepared from marjoram and petrolatum ointment for the treatment of cold and cold nose, and that mix a teaspoon of crushed powder with two tablespoons of Marjoram Azlen then let alone the nose from the inside and outside the well,
and before sleep at night.

- Scientific studies have also indicated that the plant has no effect Marjoram antioxidant, like other antioxidants. It was found that compounds that prevent the disruption of plant cells. It was found that antioxidants have a significant impact in the treatment of arthritis.

- In a study worked to plant 100 plants of the platoon, which is oral, including plant Marjoram found that this plant was the best plant I run counter to the antioxidants.

- And in this strange grass that if you take the evening it leads to relaxation.

- The specialist for a medical herb (marjoram) affected houses and anti-depressants, noting that research proved that the extract of the herb catalytic effect of the immune system exactly equal to the known effect of Nigella sativa. The researchers said the Department of Pharmacology at the National Center for Research in Egypt, that the studies have been performed to demonstrate the therapeutic effect of plant extract (Marjoram) has shown that he has a protective effect and prevent the destruction of liver cells as well as the effect against oxidative stress.

- And called for a cup of the herb Marjoram morning and evening, because it has anti-inflammatory effect and lowering of the high temperature than the standard effect of some medicines used to treat these diseases.

- And confirmed that hormonal tests proved that this ability to extract the events of the natural balance of hormones, reproduction rates, which causes a deficiency or imbalance to the increase of infertility, whether male or female, and have suggested that research conducted on the toxicity of this herb have shown that summed up perfectly safe to focus 5 g per kg of body weight also did not result in continuous use for a period of two months of damage in the liver and kidneys and blood picture, making it completely safe when used continuously.

Marjoram and is said to be more beneficial than green tea for people who want to slim Cup Marjoram if taken before each meal.

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