Barley reduces cholesterol in the blood

Publié par happy-diet mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Barley reduces cholesterol in the blood

The scientific studies proved the effectiveness of barley in reducing the high levels of cholesterol in the blood through several biological processes, are as follows:

A. Combine fiber dissolved in barley with the excess cholesterol in foods, thereby helping to reduce the rate in the blood.
B. Resulting from fiber fermentation in the colon dissolved fatty acids absorbed from the colon and interfere with the metabolism of cholesterol hindering the rise of the blood.
C. Barley grains contain chemical compounds that reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and boost the immune systems of the body such as the article "beta glucan" which is the presence and proportion of the food material is selected for their relevance and value of food.
D. Barley grains contain vitamins similarities to "e" with the capacity to discourage the enzymes of cholesterol biosynthesis, which is why the scientific evidence points to the importance of vitamin "e", which has long known its value to heart health if dealt in large quantities.

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