Food Health

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Food Health

Everyone tries to eat a delicious At the same time useful to the body and fight diseases, age, and offers the Top Ten Food Health has been selected assisted by a team of doctors and specialists of food, which would help to give energy and strengthen the bone structure of the body, as well as the fight against killer diseases such as cancer

- Wild salmon

Salmon is a block of omega-3, Dr. Andrew Weil The reason that the salmon topping the list of the best fish health, it goes best two types of omega-3, the DHA and saturated fat, which is one of the most important elements that pregnant women be addressed constantly.

Omega-3 helps to improve mood, as he fights depression and Alzheimer's disease and cancer, as well as it is rich in vitamin D, and needs a person of salmon equivalent of two meals a week, advises the American Society for the heart of this quantity, if you can not get fresh salmon, the usefulness of canned convergence of the benefit of wild salmon, according to Steven Pratt, author of the book Super Foods Rx And super health.

- Cranberry

If the berry is the crown of Health, is the wild Valtot gems that adorn this crown, and Dr. Kate Gegan The cranberry is one of the best foods that fight aging.

Research indicates that cranberry fight memory loss, and enhance the skills of being aware of the adult age and fighting high blood pressure, which is one of the best foods that fight cancer.

Came research and studies at Cornell University in the U.S., conducted a study on the food fight of cancer, and found that the best one was because of the richness of cranberry component anthocyanins, and contains eighty calories in each cup.

The person needs of cranberries is equivalent to half a cup to a cup every day, and can mix cranberry berries normal.

- Oats

Oats fights cholesterol, and scientists say that oats contain soluble fiber and non-soluble, giving a sense of recovery and the activity and the ideal weight as well, and sold in markets chips easy cooking oats contain high interest rates, advises the American Association for the heart to address 25 to 30 grams each day of oats.

- Broccoli

This type of humble vegetables rich Bugemaiyat reduce the increased secretion of estrogen, which prevents cancer of the breast, broccoli goes Pfitameni "C" and "A", and one meal of broccoli gives the person a sense of satiety, other than it goes Balfolik acid, iron and calcium.

And gives fresh broccoli cooked and an excellent amount of nutrients, and are advised to eat two cups and a half or more of broccoli per week.

- Nuts

Nuts contain protein and fiber, vitamins and minerals and Omega 3, says participating in the Faculty of Medicine, Yale University Professor David Katz, said eating fist of walnuts daily can lower cholesterol, and strengthens the brain, and improves heart health and fights cancer, eating 12 pills a day of walnuts can be given all these benefits.

- Avocado

Although the avocado lead to obesity, but here is not a bad thing, Valovukado rich in saturated fat beneficial for the heart and helps to have the fat from the abdominal area and prevent heart disease, improves the fertility rate among women.

It contains avocado amounts of potassium, magnesium, protein and vitamin B-6 and K, to make a quarter to half a grain of avocados per day.

- Red beans

Red beans of food rich in protein and antioxidants to combat the elements and the fiber-rich starch promotes the body's ability to burn fat and control blood sugar and reduce the rate of cancer, and advised to eat three cups of red beans a week, and care must be taken to wash canned beans before eating or cooking.

- Milk

A cup of rich milk per day meets the needs of women of calcium, but it does not contain fats contained in milk, are advised to eat three cups of milk a day.

- Olive oil

Super menu is not complete without olive oil basic to the health of the brain, but according to a study at Columbia University, it prevents infection Balozheimer and cluttered thinking, a study Spain in the year 2008 that the extra virgin olive oil contains elements that are fighting breast cancer, and are advised to address outstanding extra virgin olive oil per day, which is ideal for heart health.

- Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate antioxidants are ideal for health, and also prevent stroke, heart attack, it is saturated with magnesium, iron, zinc and all the elements necessary for bone health, try eating 11 grams per day of dark chocolate, provided they are made of cocoa by 70% at least.

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