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To delay the symptoms of aging

Between the concerns of livelihood and battles of life insurance for a living and long periods of work and the requirements of marriage and child care may be interested in your appearance last distress Vitahedl body and lose fitness. Now here are some measures and tips to ensure you maintain your health and vitality:

For your children

If you have children or you are planning on having Keeping into shape is necessary for them Vsedk that your children are proud to slim your appearance in front of their friends and vice versa, if you are a paunch and a little attention to your appearance.

That you maintain at the fitness and agility your body will affect positively on the quality time you spend with your children that there is a belief that if the pattern of life adopted by the parents healthy, it will increase the likelihood of adoption of children for this type of health in their lives.

During the age of 1-10 years children are like a sponge they can not only pollinate, and scientists teach him everything, but they also earn you your lifestyle indirectly.

Squartz says "If you noticed that you adopt an active lifestyle, they will work to explain to the same habits in an attempt to resemble your"

Maintaining fitness will make you more prepared for the participation of children in the games that interest them and this in turn contributes to closer ties parental Spending time with children in the value of exercise, whether walking in the park or playing football or other would reduce the time spent in front of children television or playing computer or other fun things are not useful.

Finally, you and your colleagues believe that is the only ones who notice the increase in weight or that may arise from you idle Boys criticize their peers on each slip and use it in the harshest and most dialects.

When the appearance of the child's parents is unhealthy or unacceptable, it provided an opportunity for him to attain his friends to joke and talk Albzii which will lead to pressure on the child, causing him concern social undesirable.

When some parents may be the outer appearance of impropriety is not a direct cause of the vulnerability of children to treatment Alsiip by their peers.

In the event that weight and belly supernumerary significantly, this may expose your child to have harassed you ashamed of your child and trying to avoid appearing with you is not necessarily because they are embarrassed you, but in order to avoid the conflict that arises in the school and among their friends and this may be absent from your mind.

For your partner

It is true that your partner loves the good times and bad, but to maintain your form is the spark necessary to stand against the challenges posed by long-term commitment and heat necessary to support this link Fdilat spiritual body twisted and low-fat is not enabled that will make you attractive, but people will support your self-confidence.

That you maintain on into shape will reduce the snoring night when the smell of your food deliberate Oattr your body becomes and the more your confidence will be Tnagmk with your partner better.
Also that the preservation of sport is constantly would improve your sex life through improving the irreversibility of the body.

Altesteron (a hormone-induced sexual process in men) of this hormone begins to back down when most of the men in their late twenties of age, exercise and regular exercise would raise the levels of this hormone in the blood as well as it can increase the amount of oxygen that the body can be used to divert the energy .

The positive effect associated with sport can make a difference in supporting the sexual arousal have this as stated in a research at Harvard University The study found that men who exercise, especially jogging three times a week at least have reduced the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30% for those who fail in their homes.

Jogging is not the only sport in question here, but intended to do with 20 to 30 minutes walking or any sport in the outdoors can have a significant impact on your performance sexual.
We all know that in any successful romantic relationship is not only important is your appearance or your performance and you more importantly, participation in the pleasures of everyday life. With the passage of time has become a go with his wife in public places is rare, but couples who enjoy sports objects can maximize their time where common Imenkhm play tennis together or walking and other activities that have more impact in the documentation of marital intimacy.

As the sport that will help alleviate stress and tension, which means family quarrel less.

For your business

John Peterson, one of the trainers celebrity in Hollywood that "obese or improper form may make the other indifferent to what you say or your opinions, because the outlook to you is that you people are unable to care for themselves if you can not control yourself has Iatbarak to many people of non-management work.

With the increasing competition in the market, the energy needed to compete with craftsmen Aldkhlin become the largest in the market, the exercise and regular exercise will not help you to increase your activities only physically but mentally as well as the severity of exercise improves intelligence and memory in humans by increasing blood flow to the brain, and so become able to to think faster and thus make the right decisions in your business.

One recent study at the University Ayz in the United States to the front in the human brain improves its significantly if the person Aerobic exercises regularly, where a sample taken to study these people who Bdowa of exercise reduced by 11% from the difficulties which face to take the functions of the computer.

You are not the old man

That many of us, after the age of fifty years, when they decide to return to their sport that they imagine the same capacity the past few days and when they find themselves not able to perform as effectively as in the past or they do not Belhzawn effects of the speed with which they were previously unknown to it Elhzawnha Ieison quickly that the key to the regular practice of sport is to do what you can do right now in this age, not what you were previously able to do.

For example, in the days of the boy and adolescence earlier in the event that you adopted to reduce the weight be your decision to go to the club and do sports stressful 6 days a week but now the situation is different to your body's ability to recover from such stress is not as in the past, what you do and you are at this age is to increase the amount of sport that Tmrsha gradually then fixed to a fixed plan for each body and set aside an estimated at least 48 hours to rest the muscles of the body.

You'll also be focusing on three main areas:

Resistance exercises.

Exercises cardiac effort (to support the metabolism of the body and maintain a healthy heart).
Stretching (to prevent injury and increase flexibility).

A little bit of time for your health, if you find time to exercise is almost impossible for you to try these notes to save time:

The question of finding a little time to yourself it is a question shortcut anything from here Oci Latest from there woke up 15 minutes early, and exercise a little exercise before you start the day as you can go 30 minutes early to work and cut short the time your lunch is $ 30 minutes and this is 've got a spare hour you can use exercise.

If you can not do your protein sports a full break it, where studies have shown that the division of physical exercise over the day can be as effective as done in a sequential manner over an hour where you can burn fat in this division and the formation of the chapter that you want it.

You can also be considered a sport he is one of the important work that you have to do and then type it on Ajndtk Ashdoba when done.

If your time and narrow Divide sports tours and if you can not do all at least take a tour and only one for 15 minutes.

The bottom line:

Attention must be paid to your appearance and work hard to combat the symptoms of aging as much as possible, especially after the age of progress and sentences left to the miserable repeating a lot like "did not survive the age of the past may" and "began to us," These phrases may not work miserable by the death, be closer to baby him from the great old and that God is Beautiful and loves beauty and that he must maintain this body that God created in the best picture and keeping a distance from all the diseases and causing him trouble, such as weight gain and rumen, physical inactivity and eating much food they are all factors that lead to premature aging and chronic diseases let your food your medicine and you good health and fitness and longevity.

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