just disease (shed)

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just disease

The shed Baltohm the existence of disease, despite the absence of this disease a reality. Whatever the doctor detective work and analysis and X-rays, no matter how assured the people that he does not have a disease, such a person remains a fancy feel that patients in a member of the body. And feel that this patient has symptoms of a disease, despite assurances by the doctor repeated reverse this.
The feel of this man some comfort, safety and health for a short time, but quickly recurring suspicion, and return to it fears that patient.
May reach the patient's illness convinced prefer to reduce the suicide victim, to be a victim of this illusion of a serious disease that does not exist.
In some severe cases may shed it comes to the image of severe cases of psychosis, as is the case in schizophrenia. In this case, the patient complaint and conviction presence of the disease have peculiar character, for example, the patient feels that the blade upside down, or that his heart has moved from place to another place within the body, or otherwise, which imagines.
May be shed for a person who has the interest and concern to the plus to his physical, he spends all his thinking, time and perhaps money to take care of his body and his general health, and the danger that comes to an end with him losing his other concerns of life, not bothering to return only to his health.
The cases shed are people who believe in the existence of the disease, while there is no truth in this disease.
It is obvious to say that these people do not need and that they need to conduct tests and analysis required to ensure the absence of the disease, but at the same time, should not be conducted these tests and analysis of life, and we must put an end to this investigation.
It is here that experience to know when the doctor examines the patient and when not to do so in order not to increase the illusion with repeated tests

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