Usually nail-biting or eating nails nail biting

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Usually nail-biting or eating nails nail biting

Nail Biting

Nail-biting habits common in people in general and especially in children, and it is estimated that 45 to 60% of children go through a period where the bite their fingers, and fortunately the most cases improve with the progress of the child's age and without treatment
Causes of nail-biting: The reason why this habit is often a person or a child of the severity of psychological or not feeling safe, even if it was small, there was a growing phenomenon, for example in the exams when students
Complications of nail-biting: may cause nail-biting and continuing to the extreme fragility and the occurrence of eczema, and sometimes infection of the skin down and around the nail due to the injuries associated with bite
Treatment of nail biting and eating: to help the child to get rid of nail-biting a lot of tips and exercises, which may succeed and may not succeed in reducing this phenomenon, and most important of these tips:
Do not punish or reprimand the child to eat nails because it may cause a backlash and bad relationship between parents and children
In contrast to the child to explain the disadvantages and risks of this habit and why they do not like it painful, and may cause him embarrassment among his peers and that the nails need for some of the minute hand
Grant the bonuses at the start of the child control of this habit to encourage him to get rid of them
When young children is sometimes a matter of a salty taste or a little over the child feels alienated from the taste and may help a child to dress gloves also
When girls could be useful to give the girl nail polish to Tdhnhm in each time you try to bite into the nail so you feel the importance of this process and aesthetic nail
Do not expect a quick ephemeral Healing is usually needed for weeks and full recovery is not guaranteed in all cases

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