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But with the selection of the sport for something important and essential and vital for the person and his condition. People can exercise ordinary what they want from the sports that are not stressful and overworked. As with heart disease do not need to pay attention to choose the appropriate sports that do not lead to stress the heart. They should stay away from sports and hazardous heavy and cumbersome, such as lifting weights and jogging for long distances and boxing and the rise of the highlands, it could cause the exercise of such sports to the consequences of no mean consequences. Sports and more appropriate for heart patients are walking, and swimming for a short time, games, ground, and light jogging and cycling. But it is very important to get some rest between the training and the other to avoid stress and fatigue.

The sports for overweight should not be cumbersome, and appropriate because it may lead to stress the heart.


Obesity: One of the key factors which are linked to the scientists, researchers and doctors injury to one heart disease. Recorded high rates of heart disease in Mrtfie weight.

This increase came from several reasons, namely that the increase in body weight requires a greater effort from the heart to meet the growing need of blood loaded with oxygen and food to cells and various tissues. In addition to other reasons associated with weight gain usually, including increased cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, the lower the amount of oxygen in the body by increasing the volume of tissue consumed, and increased rates of high blood pressure and diabetes in Mrtfie weight. Moreover, the increase in free radicals, which lead to damage and destruction of various types of cells in the body. And the difficulty of the blood supply to different parts of the body and thereby increase the formation of blood clots and the transition in the body.

Years are the root causes and risk of injury to one warning of heart disease. Must be a reduction in weight, by reducing the calories that usually come from fats and sugars, and rely on the sport and a healthy diet in weight loss to reach out to the weight of which can reduce the likelihood of heart disease. It must be paying special attention to reduce the weight too quickly because it has a negative impact on the health of the heart and blood circulation.


Metabolic syndrome: the so-called syndrome X (Syndrome X). This syndrome is a major threat to the heart and blood circulation.

This syndrome usually arises from several reasons, notably the resistance of cells to insulin, resulting from excess ingestion of carbohydrate, diabetes, high-content, Chalskriaat and carbohydrates, in large quantities for a long time. In addition to other causes inherent in this situation, such as high blood pressure, high triglycerides and bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol in the blood, and weight gain, especially in the upper part of the body. Many researchers attribute the incidence of this syndrome is to increase daily caloric intake from food consumption with little represented in the lack of exercise and physical activity. It was found that people with this syndrome is likely to more than four times the heart disease of people Alaotaiadin.

For the prevention and treatment of this phenomenon to be addressing the root causes associated with them through consultation with your doctor. And exercise appropriate and reduce the amount of daily calories, with an emphasis on reducing weight.


Alhumusistin increase the level of blood: the latest know the doctors, who described that has to do with more than 20% of heart disease, regardless of the existence of other reasons such as high cholesterol or blood pressure.

One of the types of amino acids that are connected by some particles of sulfur, which is the basis for other types of essential amino acids, cystine and methionin. However, the imbalance in the enzyme responsible for conversion to other types of amino acids, caused by a lack of folic acid or vitamin B 12 or B 6, may increase its level in the blood, which leads to many problems, the most important damage in the lining of the arteries of the Interior, which may cause hardening of the arteries or clogged, or stimulate the blood clot result of the interaction of blood clotting factors, or the oxidation of cholesterol and low density, turning it into a form more dangerous able to pierce the artery more and composition of deposits on the internal surface.

The solution is simple in this case, and is available for all, Through the examination can learn Alhumusistin level in the blood, thus lowering the level that was high or prevent high by eating folic acid (400 mg daily), vitamin B-12 (50 to 300 micrograms per day) , and vitamin B6 (10 - 50 mg per day). In addition to consuming foods that contain these vitamins, such as permanently Kalkhaddar, spinach, parsley, beans, eggs and liver.


Smoking and alcohol: connecting doctors often between smoking and heart disease and blood pressure. They warn constantly of what the problems caused by smoking, and the evidence on that question is always the patient Are you a smoker? . Smoking is responsible for many of the causes of these diseases Ktsalb arteries, and stress the heart and high percentage of toxins and free radicals in the blood and coronary, and sudden decline in the work of the heart, and heart failure. And that smoking pollutes the air around the smoker and non smoker, it is up less than the amount of oxygen necessary for the health and safety of the body and the heart muscle in particular, in addition to increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood and phones that are poisoning the body's cells.

As for alcohol, it is one of the most important causes of heart failure and disruption of work and organization. The alcohol leads in many cases to cirrhosis of the liver, which makes the liver unable to perform his functions, and therefore did not eliminate the circulation of toxins, which are received after that to heart, and damage the cells.


Healthy food: an essential factor is very important in the prevention of heart disease and other diseases associated with it, as is the basis to reduce the aggravation of heart disease after infection.

Of the most important thing to be characterized by healthy food balance, ie it contains all the materials necessary for the health of the body of vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, carbohydrates and other substances, is added to this as a fresh, clean and is not saved in chemicals.

The first thing everyone recommended fresh fruits and vegetables, which must be among the main meals in addition to daily meals independent of them.

As for the cooked food is always advised to leave the fast food and packaged foods and fried foods, and the trend of food boiled or grilled, for they include a smaller amount of fat. How much focus on reducing salt and sugar in food, even though they were not infected with blood pressure, diabetes, and the use of other materials like lemon and vinegar.

As for the fat must first reduce the harmful Caldhn animal fat, and more of the essential oils in the food Kaomega 3 (Omega 3) or Amega 6 (Omega 6), and found within fish oil and soybeans. As for meat, prefer to dispense with or reduce the consumption of red meat, chicken skin on when eating, and breeding of fish.

As legumes, they are an important source of protein without any increase in fat, Kalahmass, beans, beans, beans, and Bazlia. Also, many types of nuts contain background material and useful to the body such as minerals and vitamins and essential fats Kaljos, nuts and almonds.

The eggs and milk and milk products from basic materials that are indispensable to the permanent address of the proteins, vitamins and minerals and other essential items and important for the body, but it must be addressed in a moderate and try to reduce the proportion of fat in milk and its derivatives.

We will come to mention some of the herbs and essential items which can be used by the person to get a lot of requirements necessary for general health and heart health in particular.

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