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Of food and drink Asahihan play a role in enhancing immune function

Belongs to the immune cells of the immune system, the latest discovery of biological devices. They were numerous cells of the immune system in form and function, and the first immune cells that have been identified cells are sebaceous glands, ethnic and skin cells themselves, because they all work on the surface protection of the body that penetrated by bacteria and microbes and toxins, the initial line of defense. There is also immune cells spread and move to promote the defense of the body if subjected to any attack on any site of its members or tissues.

* Immune cells multiple

«The lymphoid cells which constitute the immune system are of two types: epidemiological cells (B) cell, which is related to the production of antibodies in the body to eliminate the enemies, and T cells (T) cell, a multi-purpose, cells mismatch assistance, which represents the leadership of the immune system qualitative and alert of B-cells to produce antibodies. There are killer cells, which latch onto the enemy and destroys it, then there are ballasts that restrain cell hyperactivity (harmful) to the immune system after the abolition of the UFO, and there are cells that have Alokolp recognition feature to install the cells and foreign objects were destroyed ».

Research is still discovering every day new and new on the immune cells and functions and their relationship to the fight against diseases. In the books of a large extension of immunity to the precise details of immune cells. These cells are not immune from the effects of what many around, but the most important environmental contaminants and psychological emotions and the activity of the body and motor sports and the genetic factor, and last but not least the quality and quantity of the human diet. And the last is that it will shed light on one side and only one of its aspects, is the impact of acid and alkaline (PH) in food on human health in general and on immune cells in particular.

* Acid and alkaline

Intended Balhamadip and alkaline balance acid and alkali-known symbol (PH), which refers to the measurement of acid and alkaline numbered, as the (PH 1) very acidic, and (PH 14) very alkaline, and the number (PH 7) refers to the parity between the acid and alkaline, which the degree of clean water. The lower the number 7 on the acid-dl, and vice versa higher than 7 is indicated by alkalinity.

The human body, including cells, fluids and materials between the cell and all internal fixtures, influenced a lot in Hamadith and Gulwith including intake of food. Consequently, the quality of nutrition, whether acidic or alkaline, have an impact on the cells and fluids. The most affected cells of the immune cells awaiting feed properly and correctly, as it including soldiers in the fields of war, said that weakened nutrition sapped their strength and affected their health and thus weaken their performance.

* Types of food

To enhance human health must address the 75 per cent alkaline food and 25 per cent to acidic food affects the body's cells, particularly immune cells to keep alkaline cells to enhance immunity and health. The viruses and microbes do not grow and multiply in the case of acid-alkaline contrary, the chance of reproduction and growth is more compared Balgulwip, and the system conversion of fats to fat stored above does not work (PH 7.5) and dispose of the body, in addition to the body a nutrition alkaline alkali expelled inactivity and laziness and headaches. All that is a gateway to talk about nutrition and nutrition acidic alkaline.

* Alkaline and acidic foods

Can find alkaline foods and beverages that promote health as well as acid that are harmful to health, the return of books specialized in that, and have been here a little shortcut. Valekhulyat located on the top of the list of drinks harmful acidic pH, as its scale (PH 2), it is highly acidic. Comes cola drinks and the like after the alcohol in terms of high-acid, since its scale is (PH 3), as well as many other beverages, particularly coffee, which contains a high percentage of caffeine, acidic drinks are varying degrees of acidic (PH 4 - 5) . This is followed by red tea as it (PH 6), while green tea edged up, so up to alkaline (PH 9), and can return a book devoted to the degree of acidity and alkalinity of each drink of drinks. As is known, the degree of water (PH 7), but there is a recording of some types of water up to (PH 7.9).

* Vegetables and fruits

The food, all fresh fruits and vegetables fall in the category is alkaline and some high alkalinity, Vvaidtha very large, it makes the body more entrenched disease and immune cells to make more power and immunity. The adenoids food (meat), including beef, sheep and chickens, all of which do not reach the degree of acidity and alkalinity to the (PH 7), and worst of all pork acidity with low percentage to the maximum acidity compared to all the meat, while the higher alkalinity of meat fish rise above 7 in some species (PH8).

All carbohydrates, including rice, the degree of acidic and alkalinity is equal to five (PH5). With varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity for oils, but the highest alkaline: olive oil, sesame oil, where to record the rise of the alkaline up to 9 (PH 9), and thus found that the acid and alkaline foods and drinks affect the body's cells, including immune cells, how can this be the impact ?

* Effects of mental

The drinks and foods have an impact on the balance of acid / alkali, but this effect is not based on original chemical composition, but based on the «ash», or what remains of it after the digestion process, ie that the output of the digestion process becomes acidic or ashes to ashes as alkaline drinks and foods that dealt with rights. Thus, the immune cells (internal juices) as well as blood fluid that swimming in it, and between the cells of the material interfaces are especially acidic and alkalinity, which feed on it, especially the immune system that derives its strength from the device-funded (digestive system), and it is received from the acidic and alkaline have great impact in the cells, and this effect is equivalent to positively and negatively, vulnerable and force only the impact of emotions as indicated by recent studies. Where that while there were food and drinks acidic or alkaline, the presence of emotions may increase or decrease the degree of PH. Love, pleasure, meditation, kindness and gentleness and kindness lift alkaline, while hatred and fear and anger and concern they raise the acid in the body.

This explains that the cells of the immune system when the disease is deteriorating because of the attendant of the patient's fear, anxiety, tension, and usually helps the immune cells awakening, strength and vulnerability are: proper nutrition, which is closer to the alkaline, and psychologically that increase the rate of alkalinity.

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