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Office staff in these exercises ... you ...

Would sit for eight hours during the working hours lead to illness of office staff, and causes the disease: --

Back pain
Blood clots

Some exercises to help avoid these problems, but it does not contribute to improving the performance of the employee.
In fact, the rest for five minutes three times a day j contribute to the restoration of activity and relax muscles and increase the flexibility of joints.
The following six exercises Bmekdrok exercise without leaving their own seat.

Note: The continued tension in each exercise of 10 - 20 seconds, and repeated once or twice on each side.

Extended fingers as much as possible: Keep this position for ten seconds, then relax. Now, bend your fingers when the contract and squeeze.

Hope your head slowly to the left until you feel the spillover of the neck. Repeat the exercise to the left and then forward.

3. Hold the left arm just above the elbow with your right hand. Gently pull your elbow across the chest towards the right shoulder while turning your head toward your shoulder left.

4. Lift the left elbow over your head and the left palm on the back of the neck.
After that, hold the left elbow with the right hand and gently pull it behind your head towards the right shoulder until you feel a nice spillover in the shoulder or Alzendin.

5. Hold the left leg above the knee completely, and gently pull the leg towards the chest seam. Step Two: Hold your leg Bdhiraek right and love her toward your right shoulder.

6. ActiveX left leg on the right leg and right elbow on your thigh left. Click on your leg to draw Bmerfqk compaction and the lower parts of the back. See your shoulder towards the left to complete the exercise tension.

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