Life with the heart and blood circulation intact

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Life with the heart and blood circulation intact

Is the heart of our most prized possession, it is the base engine, which Npdah life goes on, but once you catch the problem, even changing the taste of life. To maintain the health and well-being, must be identified and their needs to help avoid the risk factors that surround it.

There are many factors known to affect blood circulation, which predicted a defect in the injury of the heart or the owners will be more susceptible to heart problems, Kalgeltp vessels, or a heart attack, or narrowing or clogged coronary artery, of these factors: age, genetics and hypertension the blood, diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, obesity, lack of sports and activity, and increase the level of Alhumusistin in the blood, smoking and drinking alcohol, unhealthy food. The possession of any person to a greater number of these factors, making it more vulnerable to heart disease.

Age and heredity, factors which can not be controlled, as is known, the incidence of heart problems increases with aging, and genetics play a major role of casualty in such diseases. But it has to be increased attention to heart health with age and will not ignore it, and those with a family history of heart disease, they must care more than others to avoid the incidence of such diseases or to alleviate the injury.
But other factors can be controlled, which depends on each other often, and reduce to lowest terms.


High blood pressure: 90% of cases of high blood pressure caused by the unknown, and may cause high blood pressure, serious problems especially the incidence of heart problems, note that the most important problems of this disease is the lack of symptoms in most cases, the process of not be detected until after the injury of another disease or by accident or when the periodic inspection. However, the prevention and co-existence with this disease is very possible. And better methods of prevention begins with a healthy diet with low-salt, with exercise, and weight loss, and avoid stress and nervous tension and psychological tension. The ways to live with this disease Vshlp very Through the commitment of the steps the past, and follow the instructions of the doctor, and take the medicine in his time, and constant scrutiny. Can also be the use of certain natural substances that are preventive measures to reduce blood pressure such as garlic, parsley, and some kinds of vitamins, minerals and salts that maintain the integrity of the blood vessels as a vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium.


Diabetes: Diabetes is divided into two types, Type I, or so-called insulin-dependent diabetes, which usually infects children, and type II diabetes called non-insulin dependent, which affects mostly from exceeding the age of forty, and the genetic factor is a major cause of infection , in addition to other factors which have an important role in a defect in the pancreas and excretion of insulin and the response of the cells with him.

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