Garlic treated osteoporosis .. And bananas for bowel disorders

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Garlic treated osteoporosis .. And bananas for bowel disorders

Tests showed that eating garlic oil with calcium and vitamin «d» contribute to the improvement of patients with osteoporosis, because it contains a plant estrogen and help increase calcium absorption in the body.

The initial experiments sought to find a natural and safe to help absorb calcium and also compensate for the lack of the hormone estrogen.

The initial experiments, which lasted for a period of three months to garlic oil helps to increase calcium absorption from the intestine, for use in building bones and replacement of the hormone estrogen.

The studies proved that the American medical research, the banana and cantaloupe from more fruits contain potassium which prevents osteoporosis in women.

The study showed that banana and cantaloupe there by calcium and vitamin «d», which strengthens the bones, and return to the role of potassium that is equivalent to the amount of calcium lost in urine from eating salty foods.

The study concluded that the banana is used in the treatment of disorders of the intestine, where strength is characterized by thick, soft and thickened wall of the stomach which reduces the turbulence and acidity.

The results of a study of a group of women in menopause, to eat more dried plums may help prevent Osteoporosis and osteoporosis.

New study suggests that these positive effects of fruit on the bone among women at menopause and enter menopause, due to a rich compounds Aezovlawoonoid in soybean and grain, which previous research has shown a positive effect on bone growth.

The researchers stressed that dried plums goes with other similar benefit bones, as well as they contain important minerals in bone metabolism processes, such as boron and selenium that have proven effective in maintaining bone mineral density.

In the end, Be aware of factors in your life and your medical history that may increase the possibility of being osteoporosis, here are the factors that lead to the occurrence of disease:

Not to deal with calcium and vitamin «d» in the daily meals.

Smoking and carbonated beverages containing caffeine.

The lack of physical activity and lack of exercise.

Taking drugs such as steroids and anti-convulsion, as well as increased activity of the thyroid gland.

Genetic factors such as injury to a family member of osteoporosis.

Early entry in menopause or removing the ovaries.

Breast-feeding for more than six months.

Thin or structure words.

With little or no exposure to the sun.

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