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Colds and influenza, or what some call a cold diseases do not have a successful medical treatments to treat God the flu virus ... However, the virus that causes a permanent change must therefore devise a new treatment with each change of the virus, all chemical treatments for these common diseases are only palliatives of pain and alleviate symptoms ... The chemicals that enter the human body have unwelcome side effects.
But there are treatments of natural materials available to all benefit in the treatment of colds and flu ... And you can choose from Mainaspk, including: --
Garlic: garlic chewing Ootboukh with the vegetables to a large extent prevent the incidence of colds can be dealt with up to ten cloves of garlic during meals per day, but should not increase the doses of garlic so as not to cause diarrhea because of the garlic laxative.
Tamarind: Tamarind drink useful in reducing the cold ... And drink cups of it per day (cup after breakfast and another after lunch) ... It must be careful with this treatment as it reduces blood pressure, it is also suffering from low blood pressure patients should not use this treatment.
Nigella: Nigella sativa or boiled black bean cooking oil or cottonseed oil, and then leave to cool ... Then used Kqtrp of the nose, it would alleviate the cold, cold ... A cold treatment to ensure the secure and resist if attacked by the body to make a tablespoon of (Nigella sativa oil) per day on an empty stomach and drink with a glass of milk or yogurt once a day and continue it for a long time, it strengthens the immune system and prevent colds.
Islands: islands of fresh whole contents without peeling it protects to a large extent the incidence of colds and flu and reduces the severity of ... The islands contain a large amount of a substance (beta-carotene) antioxidant.
Pomegranate Seed: If mixed with fresh pomegranate seeds with the same amount of pure honey ... And Qatar in the nose, it resists the common cold, as a protection against tumors in the mucous membrane of the nose. Linden flowers: made from linden flowers and leaves Ooaletilio emulsion is useful and beneficial to Sadr, and easy breathing and eliminates cold ... And equip this emulsion put a teaspoon of the herb in a cup and then poured with boiling water immediately and then emulsion sweetened drinks after liquidation ... Deals with the patient cold, cold cup after each meal directly.
Asiralcrvs: Drink the juice of celery green about two cups per day ... And attend the juice, celery money well then add a little water ... And taken out of Cuba after after every meal directly ... You can also add celery with cooked vegetables or with soup.
Thyme: Works thyme to strengthen the immune system in particular, and generally strengthen the body and a protection against diseases caused by cold in particular.
Chamomile: not without a house of chamomile especially if it has children ... Powder and chamomile flowers is very useful in the treatment of colds, even if chronic ... And is used by inhalation, is the work to crush the powder so that the flowers such as powder, and then inhaled into the nose on the palm of the hand several times.
Vaseline and Marjoram: Marjoram and prepared from petrolatum ointment for the treatment of cold and cold nose, and that mix a teaspoon of crushed Marjoram powder with two tablespoons Vaseline and then the nose let alone from home and abroad well .. Before sleep.
Rose water (love the Bay La Sun): bring water home-love the Bay La Sun which is the way ancient Egyptian known to many and packaged in a bottle ... And the appropriate dose is the cup of water plus a teaspoon of the spirit of the Bay La Sun flowers daily directly after meals once or twice a day.
Love of Bay La Sun Black flowers are considered the best ways to generate urine, and also beneficial to reduce the temperature of the body.
Wishing you health, wealth ... God and evil Qakm Allinflonza and the common cold.

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