Pink helps to alleviate the pain of dental

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Pink helps to alleviate the pain of dental

Munich: It is known that the addition of cloves to the bakery and pastry gives it a special flavor, but the pink is not only used as a spice. Anke Hermann and stresses of the Association of Theophrastus treatment alternative medicine in Munich, southern Germany, on the clove buds have many medical benefits; It helps, for example in the treatment of gum disease or alleviate the pain of the teeth, and by putting cloves in the pocket of the cheek or to use in massage periodontal care, moreover, chewing cloves refreshing the mouth and soul.

The expert medical treatment alternative to orange or lemon slices added to cloves are also used to repel mosquitoes and insect pests, emphasizing the role of tea in the treatment of pink abdominal cramps and alleviate symptoms of rheumatism. To prepare tea cloves are placed half a teaspoon of cloves in the cup and then pour the boiled water it, and then be taken up after ten minutes. Herman also advised that they should drink two cups to four cups of tea cloves a day. In addition, the pink tea is useful in cases of inflammation or infection of the bronchi.

It should be noted that it can identify the type and quality of pink through the buoyancy test, if the pink buds stuck in the water or if you come to the surface to a horizontal position, it indicates that they are high quality and contains a high percentage of oil, in the case of buoyancy on the surface of pink water horizontally, it indicates low quality.

The massage using clove oil to relieve nausea, cramps in the digestive system as well as it helps in the treatment of abdominal swelling, and symptoms of arthritis as well as alleviate the pain of muscles and joints, but it must be very careful when using clove oil, because oil is the pilot had causes irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, so it is best to alleviate the clove oil when used in massage the body, and that by mixing a couple drops of clove oil with three tablespoons of a small oil-based fatty acids.

And can be used clove oil Lye or gargling of the mouth by adding a few drops of clove oil to the water and use it to clean the mouth, which is characterized by this process as the effects of disinfectant for the mouth. Because clove oil increases the pain of labor may not be used during pregnancy, is not recommended for use only in the case of a desire to promote labor.

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