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The benefits of pineapple

I liked the subject and endowments I put between your hands

Vvakep pineapple is rich in minerals and vitamins which contains: calcium, potassium, fiber, vitamin (c) In addition to small proportions of fat and cholesterol.
As can be addressed in the benefits of several types of fruit, either fresh or in the image of those saved, frozen or juice to drink.

Pineapple strengthens bones:
One of the benefits of pineapple that helps to build strong bones.
The pineapple indispensable Moungniz which the body needs in building bones and tissues related to it.
Drink one cup of pineapple juice extends the rights of about 73% of the recommended daily amount of this metal.
And thus help the fruit of pineapple on bone formation and construction of the young people, and strengthened when adults.

- Pineapple is useful for colds:

Frequently employed person during a bout of cold to take more vitamin or (c) orange juice, while the pineapple juice meets the same purpose when colds and associated symptoms of cough .. Since the material at hand in this fruit (Bromelain) will help to treat coughs (cough) and who is accompanied by sputum and makes it less drier.

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