Intestinal illness wastrel of protein

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Intestinal illness wastrel of protein

This expression is used when there was excess of protein to the glaze on the intestine because of the lack of adequate blood protein. Normally loses less than 10% of plasma protein from the gastrointestinal tract. Gastrointestinal illness occurs wastrel of protein in many intestinal disorders, but more common in those disorders where there is ulceration (see table).

Table: the causes of morbidity intestinal wastrel of protein.

With excoriations, sores mucosa:

· Crohn's disease.

· Ulcerative inflammation of the colon.

· Tumors esophagus, stomach and colon.

· Lymphoma.

· Radiation damage.

Without excoriated mucosa or ulcers:

Diabetes · Mentreier.

· Excessive bacterial growth.

· Celiac disease.

Tropical · Aldhirb.

· Inflammation of the stomach and intestines Balhamadat.

· Systemic lupus erythematosus.

Occlusion of the lymphatic:

· Expansion intestinal lymphatic vessels.

· Pericarditis Aasr.

· Lymphoma.

· Whipple's disease.

In other disorders may result in excessive protein permeability of the mucosa or intestinal blockage of the lymphatic vessels. Pretend Bozmat patients and the lack of peripheral blood protein with a normal liver function and without proteinuria. There can also be manifestations of the root cause.

Confirm the diagnosis is the measurement for the liquidation of fecal alpha-1 Anti Trypsin or albumin, which is marked by 51Cr after intravenous injection. Other surveys conducted to determine the root cause. Treatment is the treatment of primary disorder and nutritional support and action to control peripheral edema.

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