Sports and healthy lifestyles

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Sports and healthy lifestyles

There is no doubt that one of the main causes of death and disability in the world today, is the life of the so-called Arab League since the name of the (November), a life free from physical activity. Add to this, that the meeting of lack of physical activity with diet, smoking, wrong, why is unequivocal support for the majority of cases of coronary heart disease early, and many types of cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure and blood lipid disorders, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety. It is therefore not surprising that the organization choose a topic (sports) to celebrate World Health Day this year under the slogan (in the health and swimming movement).

Physical activity means moving the body in any way lead to the consumption of energy (burning calories) and its meaning is simply the movement. And when you walk briskly or clean the house, or climb stairs, you are moving for health. This behavior is reinforced by the doctors that they are always chanting this rule: (either to use the members of your body or to lose).

Physical activity can be done almost anywhere, and it does not require equipment. Carrying purchases of groceries, vegetables, books, or children, are good complementary physical activities, like climbing the stairs. And as walking, which may be physical activity more than others, completely free. Include most urban areas of some parks, or the Sea (Corniche), or other pedestrian areas, which are ideal for walking, running or playing. There is no need to go to a gym or swimming pools or other sports facilities, for the exercise of physical activity.

Physical activity and youth

Physical activity and women

Physical activity and the elderly

Regular physical activity provides young people the benefits of physical health, psychological and social important. The practice of physical activity helps children and young people to build their bones, muscles and joints sound structure, and help them control the weights of the bodies, and get rid of excess fat and improve the efficiency and function of the heart and lungs. They also contribute to the development of movement and consistency and helps prevent anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, playing the innocent and other physical activities, provide an opportunity for youth to self-expression and build self-confidence and a sense of interaction with the community and help these positive impacts to hazards and damage caused by lifestyle, characterized by tension and stress and lack of exercise, which is spreading among young adults today. It can also encourage participation in physical activity for well-targeted, to adopt healthy behaviors such as leaving various other harmful practices. And encourage healthy eating and to get rest enough to compensate for the effort during physical activity.

Studies have shown that the potential for abuse of adolescents to tobacco at least as much as increasing their participation in physical activity also proved the high level of academic performance of children who are physically active more.

Physical activity and women

Proved that the combination of regular physical activity and appropriate diet of the most successful means of combating mild to moderate obesity and maintaining an ideal body weight women, and physical activity helps to a great extent, on the prevention of osteoporosis, which is a disease in which bones become fragile and break.

Motor activity is a sure way to protect a woman's body from sagging, loss of muscle tone, and physical activity helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness, which is particularly important for women since the rates of depression for women are almost double those of men, both in developed developed or developing countries.

Physical activity and the elderly

It is no secret that physical activity is to achieve a better life for everyone at any stage of life, it is the physical benefits of improved and increased balance, strength and consistency, flexibility and durability and fall prevention, which is a major cause of impeding among the elderly. It also helps to reduce bone loss. As well as increased muscle strength and balance and reduce the risk of exposure to the risk of falling, thereby helping to prevent fractures and other benefits of improved mental health and cognitive and motor control. It was found that the prevalence of mental illness among people with less physical activity than among others. The walking, swimming, gardening and trips on foot and riding bikes, excellent activities can be performed by the elderly. Physical activity also helps to build self-esteem and a sense of confidence and promote psychological well-being and integration into society.

A Weight-bearing activities such as walking and jogging is essential for proper development of the skeleton during childhood and adolescence, regular physical activity for the benefit of society and the economy, in terms of reducing health care costs, increase productivity and improve school performance, reduce absenteeism from work and increased participation in sports and activities entertainment


The correct way to walk

Toddler sports natural law to stand and work on the prolongation of spinal alignment and without natural curves in the neck and center back and relax and with a balance between all the muscles in the body front and rear and side, and the goal of walking in the direction of forward movement, so it should not be increase in traffic from the lateral surface of the body and determine the movement between the arms and legs while reducing the movement of the trunk.

And the application of treadmill which should be moderate in the best position of strength, and likely men straight forward indicator of the fingers in front of the feet with bending the knee joint and the movement is a bit of hip and put the heel on the ground and then push the thumb (finger large) and do not forget that the process of breathing process free with the rhythm of the feet.

The movement of the feet are parallel to the surface of the ground or walking track at an altitude of approximately (2-3) inches and the length of step depends on the flexibility of the hip joint and the length of the feet and the speed step and the type of clothing.

As for the movement of the arms must Marjanha freely and easily from the shoulder joint in the direction of movement of the feet, and depend on the distance-weighted distance step and make the chest facing forward and palms facing the man. And as there is no standing of the moderate and true, also, there is no walking foot and a model for constructive interference of body and structural specifications and personal autopsy of the human person, and a treadmill movement is ongoing and continuous rhythms to the same model for the mechanical movement of the muscles in the legs

Finally ... Do not forget to breathe while walking in depth introduction of air into the abdomen and removing the air from the mouth, and walking access to the physiological excitement, and does not require that go the distance or time without breathing or cut in the process of breathing, so if I felt tired, tired or interrupted breathing requires reduce your speed and stand immediately if you feel dizzy and a tendency to dizziness or vomiting.

Note: Drag Ashvt or within the abdomen while walking with normal breathing rhythms with feet and move.

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