Swelling of the gums

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Swelling of the gums

Swelling of the gums is a symptom of gingivitis. However, there are other reasons for swollen gums vary according to different reasons that cause swelling, they are:

1 - Inflammatory swelling of the gums.

2 - non-inflammatory swelling of the gums, which is of two types:

Swelling caused by drug abused by the patient.

Gingival swelling inorganic.

3 - swelling associated with organic disease:

The change in hormones (in the case of pregnancy, or at puberty).

Leukemia patients.

A lack of vitamin C.

4 - swelling caused by adenoma or malignant.

It should be noted that many patients suffering from swelling of the gums, but they do not know it was mainly the result

Abusers of the drugs for the treatment of some diseases.

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