Keeping cats .. And the futility of girls

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Keeping cats .. And the futility of girls

Altksoblasmoz disease or diabetes is a disease of cats is transmitted by infected animals with the disease, (especially the sick cats) can also be transmitted through the dust contaminated with residues of infected cats and happens to the patient infected rise in temperature with enlargement of the lymph nodes may not appear on the patient's symptoms, and to diagnose the disease, we analyzed the blood to measure antibodies to the disease ...

The information on the disease cats:
What disease cats? What is the probability of infection?
How do I know I have found this disease? What do I do if I was him? How can the incidence of this disease that I would especially during my pregnancy?
Diabetes is a disease of cats, women of childbearing age and childbearing, even though it is a serious disease that has infected the adult immune true but it would be very dangerous if infected women during pregnancy or during the months prior to pregnancy, or if the patient is very weak immune systems.
Cats and diabetes is a disease of women by a parasite called (Totxoblazmajonde), and most of the injuries you get when the human race be the result of infection from cats that feed on rodents and birds, where the cats that are raised in homes little movement of the disease.
Method of infection or contamination of fruits and vegetables, the stool of cats saturated parasite eggs or eat mutton and beef is cooked properly as they are sheep and cattle are carriers of the parasite in meat.
And can be transmitted disease as well as parasite eggs after contamination, as can be transmitted disease after touching your hands to your mouth or nose or eyes after chopping meat faith or money fruit, vegetables, as well as cats can be transmitted disease after drinking unpasteurized milk contaminated with the parasite or by drinking water contaminated with this parasite.
That about 30-40% of women of child bearing age are infected with the disease and overnight with anti-inside their bodies to the parasite, ie, they are strictly protected against infection with the disease again, but there is no immunity 100% as some of the women may be infected this disease in the past and affected by it again during her pregnancy, but the vast majority approximately 60-70% non-infected and non-strictly protected against the disease so they are vulnerable to infection.
When the disease affects the rights of cats to be symptoms similar to flu symptoms and may not need to be addressed, and may not know the person that he suffers from diabetes have cats, but cats diabetes disease when it affects the fetus inside the womb it causes birth defects. The nursing mother that had been infected with the disease during the period of breastfeeding can transmit the infection to her baby through the milk. Therefore, prevention of this disease is better than cure.
Diabetes is a disease of cats, all animals and humans, but do not cause serious illness in humans of health, but he hit the baby in the womb leads to birth defects affecting the eye and brain disease, especially if infected cats pregnant mother at the beginning of pregnancy or within a few months before pregnancy, it rarely have the ability to pass through the placenta and infect the fetus inside the womb, but that could move and infect the fetus in the first months of pregnancy it causes birth defects large with high probability to get dropped when the pregnant mother, but if infected pregnant mother in the months recent pregnancy, it quickly have the ability to pass through the placenta to the baby in the womb, but even if you hit the fetus in this case it did not achieve it because the fetus congenital deformities have to be. So the best way to get rid of the consequences of this disease is prevention.

If you are pregnant or if you have a weakened immune (as an adult who has a weakened immune disease that killed cats at any stage of his life, he is exposed to severe inflammation in the brain, heart, lungs and eyes and this inflammation can eventually cause life) exposure to the parasite Vtjunbi Altotxoblazmosis follow the following ways:
1 - to eat frozen Reserved freeze well and then cooked because the parasite kills the heat, cold, high-high.
2 - Avoid eating meat dried.
3 - Avoid contact with cats or with cat feces in the house and gardens.
4 - wash your hands thoroughly after chopping meat or wearing gloves when you do cut the meat of sheep or cows.
5 - wash your hands thoroughly after washing fruits and vegetables or wearing gloves when washing because these fruits and vegetables may be contaminated with eggs of these parasites.
6 - Tboukha good cook meat (meat should be cooked to the point of 160 - 180 degree Fahrenheit heat).
7 - Washing fruits and vegetables well before eating or peeled before eating.
8 - not to eat eggs, a raw and not to drink unpasteurized milk.
9 - not Telmusi your face (nose, mouth, Forum) during food preparation.
10 - Wash your hands thoroughly after preparing meat.
11 - Wash the counter and a piece of wood chopping meat well with hot water and soap after the completion of the cut meat.
12 - beyond flying insects to eat.
13 - Beware of contaminated water when you go for a walk or camp.
14 - When you work in the garden Wear gloves and wash your hands after you finish.

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