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* When preparing meals should take into account the following:

1 - Eat easy chewing and swallowing with careful chewing to give the world an unprecedented opportunity to be mixed with food and makes it easier for the yen coming into the esophagus and stomach.

2 - divided meals to 4-5 small meals to overcome the loss of appetite.

3 - patients are advised to eat juices added to food to raise the nutritional value between meals (such as fruit juice, milk).

4 - Eat soft and the semi-solid and avoid solid foods which may occur Palmre scratches and cause bleeding (such as dry bread - fruit seeds - fish forks).

5 - care must be taken to address vitamin-rich foods (k) k (Khas - spinach - broccoli - green leafy vegetables - cereals).

6 - must be addressed in vegetables, fruits, vegetables and whole grains without full-blown seed.

7 - eating foods containing a good proportion of iron (such as Alqaibdh - beans - honey black - red meat - vegetables, green paper - whole grain crust (wetlands), especially after cases of bleeding varices to make red blood cells.

8 - stay away from Aharivat (black pepper - hot sauce) - pickles - and vinegar.

9 - stay away from citrus fruits impact (Orange, lemon, the apricot - tamarinds - hibiscus - the tomato juice, which may cause irritation Palmre. Must also spare the heavy drinking tea and coffee unit.

10 - stay away from drinking ice water or chilled juices, as well as very hot liquids to prevent the h Dauth constriction of the blood vessels Palmre and stomach.

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