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Benefits of adding vinegar to the food

Published studies have shown that a new European Journal of Clinical Nutrition,

That it is possible to reduce the effects of flying blood sugar caused by foods diet

And carbohydrates, by adding vinegar to meals or provide cool.

The researchers explained that disturbances in blood sugar regulation such as that which is known Palmtlazem metabolic,

It is a group of metabolic disorders that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke

Stroke and diabetes, is affected by changes in food.

Scientists explained that the worker diabetes, which is used to describe the effects of sugar to leverage the various foods,

Be high in white flour, potatoes, sugar, white rice, this means that these foods increase

Sugar levels in the blood more than whole grain products and legumes, therefore, reduce intake

Foods with high diabetes group helps maintain the stability of glucose levels and parts


Scientists have noted that sugary and starchy foods may be affected by the addition of certain acids and in a manner

Preparation and storage also, for example, increases the cooling of the starch content in boiled potatoes

The body can not absorb it, and thus the greater the proportion of this type of starch in food, the lower the

Worker in diabetes, and also to his arrival in the colon to increase the production of acid, "Bioteric" of cells, which

Contribute to the prevention of bowel cancer.

The study was based on the new test the effect of adding vinegar or acetic acid to foods and

Cooled, the metabolic responses to various carbohydrate-rich foods when 12 people

Ate white bread wheat bread and added to 18 or 23 or 28 grams of vinegar, and analysis of samples from the

Blood before eating, and after the meal two hours to monitor changes in blood sugar and hormone levels

Insulin regulator him, in response to different amounts of vinegar and scoring sensation

Full after each meal.

The researchers found that the levels of sugar in the blood decreased significantly after 30 and 45 minutes of eating

The highest amount of vinegar, as was the sufficiency as high as possible after 30, 90, 120 minutes later,

Compared with what happened after the meal bread alone.

The experts noted that whenever the amount of vinegar in the diet higher, the greater degree of satiety

The glucose and insulin levels lower

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