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Mountain honey

High for quality- best used for diseases of the liver and digestive system, anemia,
And general weakness, diabetes, surgery and burns and anti-viral hepatitis and liver cancer and useful in the treatment of addiction and benefit pregnant women and infants.
Honey Olive
Proved to a kilo of it is equivalent to 12 kg vegetables, as it contains vitamins and it'd be diagnosed with cancer and useful for the treatment of patients with AIDS, heart disease and inflammation of the liver and gall bile.
Wild flowers honey
Used to lose weight is working to make him lose the compensation body of vitamins, protein and minerals during the allotment process is used in the treatment of dry throat, cough and improve eyesight and treat nervous headaches and prevent infection and atopic herpes, psoriasis and boils.
Honey Nigella sativa
Of the most important components of Article Alljnon and useful in cases of cough and lung infections and strengthen the immune system and strengthen the heart muscle and keeping blood sugar and stimulate circulation.
Honey thyme
Useful for swelling and excessive gas, abdominal and urinary tract infections and reproductive and general vulnerability, headache and cough and to treat anemia and acute pharyngitis.
Sidr Honey
Useful in diseases of the liver and the digestive system and anemia, general weakness and diabetes and is useful for wounds antiseptic for wounds and helps speed Iltamha.
Honey Pink
Treatment of mouth ulcers and the pain of the gums and teeth and prevent tooth decay as it includes antibiotics, strong oral and sterilized eliminate harmful bacteria, as mentioned in the disorders and indigestion.
Nuwara clover honey
Is the stuff of high nutritional value and is easy preventive absorption and representation and maintains blood sugar that is useful for adults and children and a diuretic - jet comfort and respiratory treatment for diarrhea.
Honey Strawberry
Board and tonic for the immune and is used to treat the father of poverty are as it is against the physical and mental fatigue and easy absorption so-called honey athletes.
Honey Sesame
Is useful in cases of sore throat and trachea and is useful in cases of constipation, objection to atherosclerosis.
Honey hibiscus
Useful in expanding arteries and blood pressure regulation, as mentioned in the treatment of Alzheimer's and is a board year.
Honey Lemon
Contains - Alfarnsol - and Alzyistkhaddm for the treatment of insomnia and nerves and inflammation of the airways and treatment of colic and muscle contraction and cough.
Honey basil
Useful in calming nerves and tension, depression and migraine treatment, as mentioned in the joint pain and muscle cramps.
Honey melon
Working on balancing the body's exchange of food because it contains vitamin B-6 and is useful in cases of coughing, insomnia and palpitations of the heart and calming the nervous system.
Honey citrus
A high proportion of Viet Nam, evidence and especially vitamin c - and therefore resistant to the cases of influenza, cold and nervous system and blood pressure.
Honey apple
General tonic, rich in iron it is important for children especially during the period of growth and increase the number and size of red blood cells and white.
Honey Mango
Contains a high proportion of mineral salts and iron and therefore helps to improve the functioning of the nervous system and strengthen the vision.
Honey Peach
Contains a high proportion of mineral salts, iron and various T Alvetamena which helps to build healthy cells.
Honey banana
Contains a good percentage of iron, copper, manganese, potassium and zinc and is therefore useful in cases of anemia and chronic diarrhea and nutrition of children and pregnancies with bread works to increase the weight in cases of liver Biliary stricture is a strong influence as he has a good effect to open the appetite and is recommended to add honey to food preterm infants.

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