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Tips to prevent osteoporosis in old age and disability

More than exposure to the sun .. And reduced salt intake are charged from thinning bones!
Physical activity for bone health:

• excess weight increases the likelihood of broken bones and loss
• Smoking leads to a loss of bone density and thus to Trqgaha
• diversification of the diet provides access Alyahtjat the body of vitamins, minerals and calcium
• Eat a lot of coffee reduces the body's absorption of calcium
Attention to the health of our bones very important step to avoid the vulnerability in the future so it is important to avoid unhealthy habits that negatively affect bone health, such as a diet low in vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium, lack of sun exposure, lack of physical activity, smoking, and eating large amounts of cola drinks drinks and caffeine.
We often hear about the importance of taking precautions to maintain the safety and health of our bones, particularly in women
Here are some daily habits that negatively affect bone health, which must be avoided:

Not eating enough calcium

It is very important the availability of adequate amounts of calcium in the diet to maintain healthy development of bones and to keep a fixed level of calcium in the blood. In the case of unavailability of food, increased secretion of adrenal gland to compensate for the shortfall and maintain the constant level of calcium in the blood, is produced in the removal of calcium from the bones! Other cases in which they are also the withdrawal of calcium from the bones are pregnancy and lactation, so increase the need for it in such periods, the food sources of calcium is high in milk and milk products are the richest sources, in addition to the ability of calcium absorption as much as high than other sources. As well as sardines, almonds and spinach, which comes after the rank of milk.
A general lack of content in the diet of vitamins and minerals important for bone health, for example phosphorus, which is one of the important minerals in the formation of bones and teeth, vitamin k, where a and are of great importance in building the proteins that combine with calcium and phosphorus for bone formation. We have phosphorous in the same food sources of calcium, and vitamin a, is found in vegetables and fruits orange and yellow carrots and apricots. The leafy green vegetables rich food source vitamin k, that diet cruel and ill-considered, with less calories and therefore less calcium and nutrients, it will negatively affect the health of bones!

The lack of sun exposure in general

Sunshine is one of the most important sources of vitamin d in addition to the fish liver oil and milk fortified with vitamin d. This vitamin helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus and to maintain their levels constant in the blood and bound in the bone. And the lack of this vitamin leads to weak bones.

Lack of physical activity

More sport than calcium and phosphorus in the bones, which reduces the possibility of a weakness in the bone or injury to fragile.
Smoking and eating plenty of coffee
Tobacco leads to loss of bone density, and thus to fractures and osteoporosis in the future, and eating large amounts of caffeine (more than 5 cups of coffee per day) adversely affect the bone, as it reduces the body's absorption of calcium.

A lot of carbonated beverages

Underwent the subject of phosphoric acid in soft drinks and its negative impact on bone health, to great controversy. But recent studies have demonstrated that a small impact in the event of diet contains the right amount of calcium. Where is the negative impact of soft drinks on bone density in that it replaces other health drinks such as milk and natural juices.

Increase the salt in food

As most of us the salt lost when larger amounts of calcium from the body. This is because the body is rid of calcium and sodium (the main ingredient in salt) together through the kidneys.
Many studies have shown that the transition to better eating habits, as well as exercise and exposure to sunlight leads to increased access to healthy bones, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, for healthy bones, it is preferable to take some precautions with respect to these matters . The diversification in our diet provides us with access to all the body needs vitamins and minerals especially calcium, add to that, adequate exposure to sunlight (at least 20 minutes 3 times a week), regular exercise, stop smoking, stay away from soft drinks and to minimize the use of salt.

How to keep bones healthy?

It possible for many of the things to be an additional factor to weaken the bones, some of which may be beyond your control, if one family member suffering from bone problems, it puts you in the danger zone.

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