Onions: Antibiotic maintain the integrity of the heart

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Onions: Antibiotic maintain the integrity of the heart


"Onion": the same-sex garlic (Allium) and Aiklo house of the presence of onion in it, and Athlo many cuisines, but the presence of onions.
He knew Pharaohs in Egypt and the onions and Kdsuh Khaldoa named in the writings on the walls of the pyramids, temples and papyri and put him in a coffin with the dead bodies stuffed in the belief that it helps to breathe when the dead returning to life.
The doctors in the lists of Pharaohs onion Fortifying foods that were distributed to workers who worked in building the pyramids, as described nutritious Mshahya and generating of Paul.
The Greeks also holy, calling their doctor because many diseases and beliefs woven around the old myths are many, that cobalt high surrounding onions provide observational predictions about the weather If it were numerous, thin and transparent winter was harsh. Some historians and tells the American continent that Indians knew onions and deliberated manual and shot him the name "Chicago" The City "Chicago" on behalf of the onions, and the meaning of Chicago: power and grandeur.

Medical scientists have praised the benefits of the old onion, and they said that I ate raw or cooked benefit from contaminated water and damage to the face and blush to pay damage of poisons and strengthens the stomach and irritates Beh, phlegm, soothes, and opens the Sudd and relentless stomach and cures alopecia (Dlka) and grilled him for the rough cough and chest, and a benefit for the back pain and hip, and one hundred if Akthal with honey benefit of visually impaired and water downward in the eye, and if Qatar in the ear from the weight benefit of hearing and tinnitus and runny pus.
According to David for Antioch, "It opens the Sudd and strengthens Alshahuih especially cooked with meat, and goes jaundice, and generates urine, menstruation, heartbreaking gravel." Al-Razi said: "If I Hravch defect onions and the forces of the stomach and pickled onions Fear desire too." Ibn al-Bitar "onions for the lust of a super food for moderating and Matts, laxative of the abdomen, if Cook was profitable to appreciate Paul, more than in the Beh that eating onions Msellouka water, and injustice grilled cheese and fried cobra cut smell of the mouth.

What is the chemical content of onions?
Contains the same substance contained in garlic is a of Linz as well as multi sugars and sugars and sucrose, the most important flavonoids and Sterodat soap and metal materials such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin A, C and composite Algelocousin that determine the percentage of sugar in the blood which is equivalent to insulin in effect.

Medical benefits of onions:
Onion and countless benefits to the most important as evidenced by laboratory tests on the onions in Victoria College and the University of Newcastle in Britain, which says that eating onions, fresh or cooked in oil or butter or roasted reduces the incidence of stroke, blood has conducted clinical tests on 22 patients between the ages of 78.19 years, and offering them breakfast with 60 grams of onion for a different ways and the result was they have immunity against stroke and were constantly conducting tests on samples from the blood of patients has been shown that the Group is located in the installation of onions, which prevents thrombosis and reduces the incidence of unimpaired by the heat in the water and Aivob .

(Disinfectant of the mouth)
And some studies have shown that it can be used to cleanse the mouth where chewing of onion or a garlic for 3 minutes longer sufficient to kill all the bacteria in the mouth. Has also been proven that the inhalation of steam onions or eat lead to entry into force of the pilot fuel sulfur it contains, to human blood, leading to eradication of pathogens and thus can be used onions to treat respiratory diseases resulting from infection with germs such as acute rhinitis, as well as inflammation of the throat and trachea and the people wind, such as bronchitis.

Also, studies have shown that onions to prevent clotting in the arteries of the heart, so it is one of the important preventive medicines to maintain the integrity of the heart and prevent heart, angina, this may reveal to us the mystery of the lack of an injured pectoral Balzbhat Egyptian peasants from eating onions in large quantities in food and a daily basis.

As well as scientific studies proved that a reducing sugar to onions in patients with diabetes has been found that onions contain a substance Algelocousin the hormone insulin-like substance, and has a similar effect, or close to the effect of insulin, which helps reduce the percentage of sugar in the blood.
Studies also showed that onions used in the treatment of asthma where use onion juice by teaspoon mixed with one teaspoon of honey every three hours as the onion a great ability to expel phlegm from the airways, which cause the narrowness of the people, resulting in difficulty in breathing and the occurrence of asthma

As for cancer, has injected a French doctor, George Akovski vaccine onion many patients, particularly cancer and got good results and can be done enema works onion juice extracted by pressing to achieve this.

The tests also proved the success of the onions in the treatment of colds and flu, so the work of the syrup of onions, cutting up an onion into rings and placed in a dish, then add to sugar and leave for 24 hours until the nomination is then taken from 2 to 5 tablespoons of this Arashahp day.

(Lack of appetite)
Has approved the German Pharmacopoeia officially on the use of onions for the treatment of anorexia and hardening of the arteries and to treat the problems of poor digestion.
And the treatment of fevers and colds and to treat itching and inflammation of the airways and to treat high blood pressure and the treatment of bacterial infections and inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Onions and garlic on both speed up their cards, especially in the maturity of boils and Aldahos which consists in the fingers near the nail, as well as Jerjd which is made in the eyeball by beating the fresh leaves and put them on the place of injury can be either garlic hundred survey that comes out of one of cricket Alavsas eye heal quickly.

And you must save the onion and garlic in a dry place, good ventilation and away from moisture and is used a medium-sized onion is best to keep Balbsalp not valid or peeled garlic, minced or a for because it is oxidized with air and become toxic.

To get rid of liquefaction tears when peeling onions can be peeled and the water pours from the tap as a sulfate to prevent water from causing allele tears. To get rid of the smell of onions that stick Hand wash hands with lukewarm water when the quantity of salt or one tablespoon of ammonia. To get rid of the smell of garlic eaten in pills lush beans or grains of coffee or cumin or cardamom or star anise or veins of parsley or apple.

Use onion to treat asthma by taking a quantity of onions and cut up in the form of very thin slices and then placed into a jar and add a pure honey twice its size (three veins of medium-sized onion 1.4 Clio honey) and leave the mix after Tkulaibh well for twenty-four hours and then taken out of fill a large spoon at a rate four times a day. Or pressed onion and taken him to fill a spoon and mix well with a spoonful of honey and fill rate are taken every three hours and then every six hours

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