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The beginning it must be said: The term haematuria is the medical term that reflects the presence of blood in the urine, and in a normal situation there is no presence of any quantity of blood in the urine and is therefore considered haematuria a dangerous signal can not be ignored and may be the premiere when diagnosed with CBP and the Faculty of College of cancer and cancer of the bladder and stones ...
And haematuria may be observed by visual contact with the patient or be discovered microscopic laboratory at the time of analysis in a patient complaining of urinary symptoms, or any other complaint.
The mere existence of hematuria requires the completion of laboratory and radiological investigations to identify and diagnose the lesion causing them.
Natural color of urine ranges from colorless to pale yellow and red discoloration of the urine does not mean the presence of hematuria, there are several reasons for giving the urine red, sometimes called private labels, and we'll show below some of the medical terminology for the red colouration of urine, as well as some of the reasons behind the phenomenon:
1 - hematuria: Means that there is more than 4-3 red cells in the microscopic arena (which is the subject of our research).
2 - hematuria hemoglobin (disastrous Khaddabip): occurring in Haemolysis (Tlasimia, anemia Mngele ...) and also occur in the context of myocardial college or walk long distances.
3 - Almioglupin disastrous: It increases muscle protein in the urine when you put a muscle damage (muscle destruction, myocardial heart attack, electric shock, snake bite ..).
4 - colored dyes found in sugar - berries - buns.
5 - Chronic lead poisoning and mercury poisoning.
6 - rifampin (anti-inflammatory used to treat fever, Maltese, tuberculosis).
7 - phenol Fattaliin (softeners).
8 - Vehicles Alvenotyazen.
It should be noted the case of colored towels newborn red hired servants, and to contain Paul resulting from newborn to large amounts of uric acid crystals which are deposited on the towel and give by certain bacteria red.

Haematuria and its relationship with urinary symptoms and signs:
Taking medical history remains the most important issue when approaching patients with hematuria, and when the interrogation must know if a complaint was acute or chronic or re.
And help us identify the fact that the partial haematuria (primary - terminal) or comprehensive for the urinating in determining the level of haematuria.
Valbelp bloody primary (which occurs only at the beginning of urination) suggests the existence of the scourge of Ihalilip Front (inflammation of the urethra - narrow urethra - narrow Smak - a rupture of urethra).
The terminal haematuria (which occurs only at the end of urination) suggests the existence of the scourge of the urethra at the level of back or neck of the bladder (inflammation of the urethra in rear - polyps - Dsamat - tumors ..).
And haematuria overall (notes at the beginning to the end of urination) suggests the presence of lesion at the level of the bladder or ureter, or total (tumor - pebble ..) must also be accompanied by haematuria determine whether or not accompanied with other urinary symptoms (such as heat - General weakness - lack of weight ) Multiple Pilate - the urgency of Poly - hardness piss - Zake Poly - kidney pain - pain Halbi.
The haematuria associated renal Bcolnj suggest a pebble in the ureter as well as clot caused by bleeding renal tumor model gives the same pain, and calculus often cause hematuria with co-infection, there may be accompanying symptoms in the form of bladder neck obstruction (loss of urine) It is noteworthy that the bladder tumor also gives hematuria with infection, as well as occurs in advanced stages of prostate magnitude vessel rupture of the bladder mucosa at the lumbar effort to piss and lead to hematuria.
Note: haematuria silent viewed as an offer to the tumor (in the bladder or kidney) until proven otherwise.
And also occur haematuria silent stone reefs, many college cysts, inflammation Kabb and college.
Thus we should not only link haematuria with symptoms and signs, but the diagnosis must be supported by means of X-ray survey (ECHO Urinary system - simple image Urological - a shady Urological
CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis - Endoscopy bladder ...).

Causes of haematuria:
1 - causes renal Kébé: Kabb lesion at the level of the kidney.
Reasons for non-renal Kébé: lesion at the level of the renal tubules or interstitial tissue.
2 - causes urinary lesion: at the device level vacuum of the College (and Alkwsiyat pyelogram) or the ureter or bladder or urethra.
1 - Renal reasons:
Causes renal Kabip: The red blood cells are lacking form and associated with the assets of another laboratory (proteinuria - Drums red cells ...).
The most important cause:
1 - Kabb inflammation, kidney (nephropathy).
2 - inflammation of the CBP and the College following the infection.
3 - inflammation of the CBP and the College following a systemic disease.
In case of doubt one of these diseases must make additional laboratory tests: Ken blood - Calibration of 24-hour urine protein .. It remains firm diagnosis of the renal biopsy.
Non-renal causes Kabip: What nephroblastoma except in the case here, the lesion is secondary to a disturbance at the level of the renal tubules - renal vascular bed - Systemic disorders.
And red blood cells meningococcal be here and be associated with hematuria and proteinuria associated with cylinder red cells (and this is what distinguishes it from the cause renal urinary (surgical), which is not associated with proteinuria).
The reasons for this:
1 - disorder of blood clotting factors: hemorrhagic diseases such as haemophilia - thrombocytopenia .. Addressed anticoagulants.
2 - congenital renal diseases: such as college spongy pulp - Total numerous cysts.
3 - renal necrosis: The complications seen in late diabetes, anemia, Mngele, kidney painkillers.
4 - hematuria Jahdip: and when you see the long-distance runners.
5 - SOUIKA vascular renal diseases: renal artery stigma, renal artery thrombus, arterial venous fistula, renal vein thrombus.
2 - causes urinary (surgical):
A - urinary stones: stones associated with hematuria and pain varies according to the level of the stone.
B - tumors: in nephroblastoma see hematuria with pain Colnge with a mass Bacialrp.
- Bladder tumors: hematuria with symptoms of urinary irritation.
- Urethra tumors: an explicit macroscopic hematuria.
C - haematuria associated with urinary tract infections quality and non-specific:
- Inflammation of the kidney and pyelogram.
- Acute inflammation of the bladder.
- Inflammation of the bladder Schistosome vessels (Blharzia).
- Acute inflammation of the prostate.
- Inflammation of the urethra.
- The magnitude of the prostate are benign haematuria secondary to complications of the magnitude of the prostate (inflammation of the bladder stones).
D - bruising of the urinary system: Indicates occurrence of hematuria microscopic or macroscopic subsequent trauma to the abdomen (the accident - Accident - fall from very high altitudes - a gunshot wound) to damage the urinary system has nothing to do here to the severity of victimization strongly haematuria and the simple fact of hematuria requires the study of X-ray survey ( Aiko - Picture shady Urological - CT of the abdomen).
Finally, it should be emphasized on the need to consult a doctor when you note that there are no shifts indicate the presence of hematuria, especially when the patient has no precedents Colnecat kidneys and urinary stones.

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