Cooking harmful to your health

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Cooking harmful to your health

Plastic and aluminum .. Oktarhama
You are probably well aware how important cooking utensils in influencing the health of your family .. Health experts stress that the choice of good quality utensils, whether from stainless steel.
Albirex. Pottery or aluminum ensure you do not harmful interaction with food and prevents the creation of chemical pollution, which cause many diseases that affect the nervous system and digestive tract

Dr. Ahmed Sami Ibrahim nutritionist shows us the risks of unhealthy cooking emphasizing parts of the leakage of chemical compounds involved in these vessels and cause many health problems for humans including food poisoning, metal elements such as copper, lead and cadmium, which should be with him knowing the types of utensils used in the cooking and the extent of benefits and personnel for example, clay pots used in cooking. Oven gives it a special flavor is desirable but, unfortunately, polished surfaces of these pots until smooth texture. May be decorated with decorations to make it attractive appearance made up of dyes and chemicals containing high levels of lead element is very harmful to health when they melt, and there is another element is the calcium that enters the toxic compounds in the colored pigments of yellow, red and orange used in the decoration of these vessels.

The pots made of iron it is known that metal a good conductor of heat so widely used in cooking and frying operations and licenses for the price but needs to constantly washing materials clean and dry completely down to avoid the appearance of rust on its surface.

Copper utensils. Terms
There is also copper pots and such can interact vitamin "c" is available in many vegetables and fruits with a copper can be avoided by using copper cooking pots, which covers the inside surface layer of metal resist the impact of acid to prevent touched by copper and benefits of this type of vases in the distribution of heat well, but it is recommended not to use sharp tools in the clean to avoid scratches also prohibits the use of disposable tin-plated copper for damaging human health.

The aluminum are missing from the minds of a lot of people used in the damage of cooking special foods containing organic acids or compounds facilitates their interaction with an aluminum residue, which is white cause chemical contamination of food .. and the foods that interact with aluminum fruits and vegetables.
There is another type of aluminum is enhanced dark gray and Homa Balastanls know that Estelle and features stainless steel and is a good conductor of heat 28 times faster than the other pots and difficult to scratch is not affected by acid .. So one of the best types of pots for cooking health.
Sixth: The Disposable "Altefal" is made of atoms of element Filuruzrat coal, and this installation has the capacity to slide very smooth surface and texture is a compound chemically inactive against most of the impact of chemicals known to Kalohmad alkali and non-toxic to humans when entering small amounts of it spontaneously to the digestive system as a result they broke or
Has stated that the Food and Drug Administration use in the cooking of all types.

Pots and heat resistant glass: it is very common among the people called "Albaerks" is used in all types of food, even in the tea-making is characterized by no interaction with the components of food as it resists infection Balkhaddoc, corrosion, making it one of the best cooking utensils.

Tips needed
To use a cooking healthy give us Dr. Ahmed Sami some tips that can avoid damage with spam:
1 - Do not use aluminum pots in the traditional operations of cooking or keeping foods containing organic acids them.
2 - require that the pots used in cooking, stainless steel and speed of injury scratches.
3 - Do not use ceramic pots painted and decorated with colored drawings.
4 - Non-heated pots Altefal to high temperature and especially when they are free of oil or any food items while avoiding the purchase of poor quality ones, which break the surface easily.
6 - Do not use metal spoons or forks to get on food sufficiency and another made of wood.
7 - better to use pots with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning with the availability of a sufficient volume of water to rinse well.
Prohibits the use of use of plastic mineral water bottles again due to the interaction of tap water that contains chlorine with plastic which would lead to cancer, especially with heavy usage ..
He also warns also be used in food preservation

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